Friday, January 3, 2014

Today's kids

Today I did something that was neither fun, nor planned. I went to the funeral of a young mom. The daughter of this lady ran cross country for Micah's team. This daughter (T) showed so much grace and class that I was truly touched. Upon learning that her mother had passed, we text T to get details. In her text back to us, T made sure that we were aware how grateful she was. She ended the text by saying "I hope you and your family have a wonderful new year!" What?! Her mom had just died and she was concerned with being kind and mannerly. It made me selfish are we? How often do we spend our time consumed in our own world? T certainly encouraged me to look outward and show grace and kindness to those around me. Fast forward to today...we encouraged the Cross Country team to come to the funeral and support T and her family. 24 team members took time out of their winter break, in the middle of the day, wearing their team shirts to support this friend. It took my breath away. How precious to be a part of such a team. I have been blessed with extra time this summer and winter and the ability to run with this group of kids. They reach across grade boundaries, levels of competition, and backgrounds to love on and encourage one another. Today was a culmination of that camaraderie. When you hear people speaking hatefully about today's generation and youth, I am encouraged that there are many who choose love and choose kindness. I'm so proud of T and the rest of the cross country team. Join me in praying for T's family through this difficult time.

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