Saturday, June 24, 2017

Eva Kate Eight (and Seven) Months

The end of school + Roberts Family Vacation + just normal life = no time to sit at the computer!
When Blogger's app stopped working well on my iphone, my blogging got considerably worse!

Such Is Life...

And somehow, I blinked and got a big girl!

We will start with 7 months:
Crazy girl did a ton in April and May--most of which included being dragged around the universe to see all sorts of different people and things.

Eva Kate did lots of first things and started her adventure into being "big".

This face is her "mom...stop with the phone you won't let me play with now."

We got to spend lots of time with our friends! Weston had his first birthday party and Henry had his second birthday party. We sure do love these friends.

We sent Aunt Mack off to prom! How is she this big?

We went and watched Track State! Love being a Mustang!!!

Go Aunt Mo and friends!!!This is the 4 by 400 crew. They got 2nd place in their event!

Three cheers for being a Mustang!

I hope this video works--but miss priss started her strange adventure in "crawling". Eva Kate has her mommy's arm strength (ha!) and instead of using her arms, she does this weird head down crawl. It his hilarious and not effective at all! Here's hoping her cousin Livi can teach her soon!!!!

And now...on to 8 months...

This girl grew a whole bunch in this month! She can wave hi, clap click her tongue, say mama and baba, she will sit up in the bath the whole time, she wants to pull up on everything (but can't quite master it without some fingers to assist her), she is a big ole mess! She still wants all of the attention ... example--on the way to Texas, she was totally fine and happy as long as I was sitting beside her. When I was sitting up front, she was super mad!

This month, Melly got down a huge box of toys she had kept at her house from my childhood (and Micah's, Mack's, and Mo's!) The girls were big fans of these toys!

We spent Memorial Day with these great friends!

The girls just love Henry!

I had to go to a school event the same day mom had to spend some time with her dad, so we improvised and EK went too. She was awesome!

And of course, this month, we road tripped to Texas! Hopefully, I will blog all about it ASAP!

Our girl is such a joy. She has so much personality and is the best little member of the Saville family. We can't wait to see her grow and develop even more. She is becoming her own person and I love it so!

Eva Kate--your joy is contagious, and it is just so fun to spend every day with you!