Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Eva Kate - Four Months

This month may have been my absolute favorite for development for our sweet girl! 

January 17-February 17 were sort of chill (comparatively, anyway) and we enjoyed just being with our people this month.

Here are Eva Kate's four month stats:

That picture sums up her personality so much. She does everything "big"! Eva Kate is either wildly happy, wildly angry, wildly tired, etc....get the picture? There is no calm and mild to her personality, that is for sure! 

These big eyes slay me every night. 

Eva Kate has discovered her voice and loves to talk to everything around.  She gets really mad when you don't listen or don't understand what she is trying to tell you. It is hilarious! 

We were taking our pictures and all Eva Kate wanted to do was stand at the edge of her crib and talk to us. She was so mad that I would consider making her lay in the crib with everyone looking at her. I couldn't help but laugh! 

Our girl has decided to be slightly needy. She wants our attention, she wants to be sitting up, she wants to be playing with something, and she is all about some entertainment. This is perfect for our busy lifestyle.  

The one thing that is new that I'm not loving is that Eva Kate has decided she is too cool for her car seat. She screams the moment we put her in there. I die. It totally makes me crack up. 

We have had some insanely warm weather this winter. It has given us the opportunity to do lots of fun things! We went to the Children's Museum with some church friends and visitors. We also went to Furman to watch some sweet girls from our church play. Brittany and Emma both play Furman softball. We love the Houstons, and the Ogburns are insanely special to our family. 

 Look at this face! Yall, this is our kid 100% of the time. Full on.

Eva Kate has started to enjoy her Exersaucer and Johnny Jump Up. She also still LOVES her owl mat and swinging in her Mamaroo (but only FULL SPEED AHEAD). Miss Priss will sit in her bumbo while I make supper and loves to listen to music.

On that note, she has a new favorite song and it is HILARIOUS to watch. Eva Kate will be pitifully said...turn on [wait for it] Wagon Wheel by Darius Rucker (the old version doesn't work), and she literally giggles with glee. I think it is so funny. I never want to forget these little moments. They come and go so quickly.

Sleeping with no swaddle lasted approximately one week at the end of month three. We invested in a transition sleep sack and it has been great. Most nights, we get a stretch from 10-4 or 10-5. Praise the Lord! For a kid who hates to sleep, this is a major accomplishment.

Livi's mommy (Chelsea) went back to work this month. My mom keeps both girls on Monday and Tuesday. We've gotten lots of super cute pictures of the girlies lately! 

Micah and I share a sibling rivalry (Mom is on my side; Mack is on Micah's) when it comes to Duke and North Carolina. I am a big Duke fan and was SO excited when we pulled out a rivaly win. Eva Kate agreed; can you not tell?

We just love our girl. She loves to eat her hands and feet (and anything else she can shove in her mouth). It is funny because we went to the doctor for her 4 month checkup, and the doctor was shocked that she was rolling both ways. However, Dr. L said, "I really want you to force her to do tummy time (YUCK) and be looking for her to find her feet and bring them to her mouth soon." Literally within two days, she had that foot in her mouth in the tub. Pediatricians know :)

I can hardly even fathom that she is going to be bigger than the Moose one of these days...but for now, I'm going to cherish her being tiny! 

Miss sassy pants is our favorite girl in the world. We are thrilled each and every month with the fun new things she comes up with. Month Five is sure to bring plenty of new adventures and exciting talents. We can not wait! 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

My Holy Discontent

 Image result for popeye i can't stands no more

We talked a lot at church over the course of the past few months at church about something called our Holy Discontent. Bill Hybels wrote a book by that same name and discusses doing that one thing that just pushes you.

Popeye is attributed to a quote that says, "That's all I can stands. I can't stands no more." Basically, I have had enough! I must run after that thing and minister in that area or I may literally burst.

On Sunday nights in January, dad preached a series about finding our discontent, fueling it, and chasing after it.

I really think I have two Holy Discontents and thought that I might share them with you:

1. Discipleship

My heart's desire is to help those who already follow Jesus to chase after Him desperately, so that they can grow in Him and lead others to follow Jesus as well. 

2 Timothy 2:2 says, "And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also". I truly believe this verse is my life's mission. I have a passion for this for all people, but especially for women. We need to learn. We need mentoring. We need Jesus, and we need to chase after Him together. Growing people up in Christ to become effective sharers, missionaries, teachers, leaders, and witnesses has been a passion of mine since college, and it tears me apart to see people stay in the same place for any length of time.

Growth and development is crucial in all walks of life...but especially your Christian walk. 
Here's the funny thing about what I'm about to tell you in regard to my second Holy Discontent...up until about 2 years ago, I would've said, "It is just not my passion to do the missions part. I will do it because I was commanded, but I really feel like my part is taking those new believers and helping them grow up into what God would have them to be." 

And yet...two years ago, my perspective was changed a little bit.

Our church began a partnership with an organization called ReVision in the Dominican Republic. Their mission is to change the vision (get it) of people there to realize that they have worth, they are loved by God, they can escape the generational poverty, they have purpose, and they can have an eternity in heaven and an abundant life here on earth. 

I love this so much.

Strangely, I went because it seemed like a neat opportunity...and I couldn't not go. My heart was pricked to the point of no return. I was locked in as soon as the trip was announced. The Holy Spirit was preparing my 2nd Holy Discontent without me even

2. International Missions and Discipleship
I combine the two because I think having a connection with an organization and with the local churches in the Dominican are so crucial. Winning people to the Lord and then leaving them to "figure it out" has always been a major issue of mine with missions.

I love so much that ReVision wants to win the lost, build them up, and send them out as leaders and missionaries. It is the philosophy I fell in love with during college with Cru, the one our church (Calvary) holds tightly to (Knowing, Growing, Going), and the one that drives my Holy Discontent.

Scripture tells us in Matthew 28, "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations..."
It doesn't say go on a trip, win a few, and peace out. 

My heart burns for the women and teens of the DR. They need hope. They need Jesus. And they need us to show Him to them. 

Last July, I was very pregnant and Zika was a very real I sent my husband and all of my family and prayed like crazy for the work being done that week. It broke my heart to not see my Dominican friends and not to have a hand (physically) in what was going on there.

Dad and Micah went back in January with several friends from church and another group we join and were able to minister even further.
 My heart has a chunk in the DR and I can't wait to go back in July. I know my girl will be loved on by family at home, and I get the opportunity to love on some sweet Dominican people.

My Holy Discontents really combine with one another .... growing young believers to be lovers of Jesus and lovers of sharing Jesus with their friends....whether it be here in the US or Internationally.

I can't stand it anymore...and I will do everything in God's power in my life to work toward building women and men of Christ who can "tell others also" (2 Tim 2:2).

So...what is it?
What is your Holy Discontent?
What can't you stand any more?

Chase it with your whole heart. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Life Lately--January 2017

Know what I hate about January? The slow vibe coming off of the Christmas hype.

Know what I love about January? The slow vibe coming off of the Christmas hype!

We started our January with our adventure into Whole30. We ate lots of yummy, healthy, homemade food, lost weight, and feel way better!

We watched a ton of basketball in January! We got to see our sweet college friends home from school. Basketball is my absolute favorite.

We had a snow day! (Sort of)

Our sweet XC team got recognized by the town of Williamston for our state victory.

We watched our Tigers win the National Championship Game!!! So, I fell asleep toward the end of the third quarter thinking we were bound to lose. Luckily, this girl woke up with 2 minutes to go in the game and I got to see the most exciting part! Go Tigers.

We had our Cross Country awards banquet. Yall. Look at all of these all region kiddos. Four of them were all state as well. Love.

We had our baby dedication for Eva Kate at church. Moose's parents came in to town for the weekend. Yay! We had so much fun with them and my family. I'll talk more about our baby dedication at EK's 4 month post.

Miss priss turned 3 months old in January. So much love for this personality she has begun to show us.

I went back to my favorite school in January. I have hours to finish for my degree, so I get to spend lots of time with this guy and all of my favorite 7th graders!

These two sweet girls spent lots of time hanging out together. I just love them and their closeness.

I celebrated my 29th birthday by inviting 4 girls from all over the world into our home. We had a blast with the Children of the World choir.

We missed these guys, but loved that they spent the last week of January in our favorite place ever! I just love the Dominican people and being able to serve them. I can't wait to go back this summer.

And that, my friends, is our life lately.