Monday, January 27, 2014

It's Your BIRTHday!

I love birthdays. Next to Christmas, they are my favorite holiday. I think I love that they are especially unique for each person. Even twins (like my husband) get celebrated separately on their birthdays. It's important and special. No matter how old or how busy you are, you should celebrate your birthday!

My birthday was yesterday. It started out with a fun song-text from my mom telling me happy birthday. Then, Chelsea and Micah had a fun present for me. Then, I saw this beauty on Instagram:

I'm pretty sure I looked the same 6 as I do at 26 (observe top center). That was just too funny not to share. A minor commentary on Megan's 'looks' of the past-
1-That side pony tail! Pure and complete late 80s right there! And that color block dress with the red collar was definitely at the height of fashion.
2-Those American Girl dolls were my babies. Clearly, since I had a semi-professional photo taken with them.
3-That pageant was less than two weeks after I had been on bedrest for meningitis and we moved to Williamston. There were approximately 75000 reasons I cringe a little when I see that picture.
4-That was recent, so I don't have a ton to say about it except that when you run a race in a hoodie and still win your age group-it was probably a small race. 
5-This was Micah and Chelsea's engagement day. My whole job was to get in "the spot" and ask for my picture to be taken so that we could judge if the lighting would be okay. The picture turned out awkward. The engagement happened anyway.
6-I don't remember this race. Let's talk instead about the pearl earrings in my ears. ha! 
7-My wedding day. This pink chair was momentarily stolen from my grandparents living room for a photo session. I still don't feel guilty.
8- Seriously, though. That cast, the face in the bowl, the white t-shirt. What's not to love?

ok-back to birthdays. We went to church and celebrated with my family afterward for lunch. Then, Moose and I cleaned out and organized his closet while my mom and sister painted the floor in our den (before it gets carpet because it was looking very dirty we mold-proof Kilz'd it). 
Halfway done

At some point during that process, I proclaimed that birthdays just aren't what they used to be when you become an adult. This made me depressed, so I gathered a group of friends to go to supper after night church with me "for my birthday." See, birthday's do wield a lot of power--my brother typically hightails it back to his house and cozy clothes after church!

Finally, at some point yesterday, I saw the google home page:

The nerd in me was overwhelmingly excited that Google knew it was my birthday and wanted it to be as important as I thought it was! HA! My own private Google birthday home screen message. Love. 

Needless to say, I had a wonderful birthday where I felt loved and made super special by all of those around me (and all of those who commented on social media--one of my favorite parts of my birthday since Facebook has been around is checking my FB account periodically all day long and seeing people from my whole life stop by and say happy birthday. It's super special!) So, thanks...and I promise to try and give your birthday a little bit of special too. You deserve it!!!


  1. You should adopt Madelyn's philosophy. She loves birthdays too and thinks that people should have birthday months and celebrate all month long. :)

  2. I may or may not have made my people sing to me every time a slice of leftover cake was eaten, Whitney! I'm a fan of Birthday Week-the month may be taking it a little too far. ;)