Thursday, January 9, 2014

Carpet, Laminate, Hardwoods oh my!

Before we start today, I want to let my devoted followers know this: I ran on Monday. I ran on Tuesday. I ran on Wednesday. In the arctic weather. In this crazy cold. I am 10 miles in to this week and in to my goal of 1000. Tomorrow, I will begin a fun series of posts called Fitness Friday. Get excited!

Now, on to my thought for today: Have you ever done a renovation? Has anyone ever told you that they're difficult and time consuming and oh, the decisions! We've had people in and out of our house carrying samples of carpet and laminate. They want me to make decisions about cabinets and trim and paint color. Then, they say "we should know today." What? I don't make decisions by myself! I require my mom, dad, husband, and at least three other opinions in order to make up my mind! (no, but really-I can make a business decision immediately, but ask me cookie or brownie and I have to call six different people!)

My pinterest board looks like this:

The back of my car looks like this:

What in the world!? 

Then, comes Moose. If you know us, you know that Moose is certainly the pessimistic one of the two. He tends to think very similarly to this guy:

So, we sometimes have conversations like this:
Me-honey, it is going to be about four more weeks before our house is totally livable
Moose-ok, that makes sense
Moose to Micah-man, we're gonna be living in your house for like 6 more weeks.

grin. So, to say in the least it is an interesting process. I have said for years that I would love for us to purchase property and build a home. Well, after this project and all of the decisions, I think the more correct phrasing is, "I would love to purchase property and hire a contractor to make 95% of the decisions for me after I choose layout and paint colors." Phew! Hopefully I can stay positive enough for the both of us and Moose can make some decisions without calling seventeen "second" opinions! I'll keep you updated. 

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  1. Giving your home a makeover definitely does take up a lot of time. Planning it is the best part, but it's hardly the easiest, although picking out what to change and what to keep is always fun. In any case, you sure have a lot of carpet samples in the back of your car, Megan. I'm wondering which one did you decide to cover the house in? Thanks for sharing that! All the best! :)

    Nathan Riley @ Stanley Steemer