Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Kitty Cat Debacle

After church Sunday night, Chelsea and I stopped for a delicious Hardee's supper. The boys weren't feeling Hardee's and went elsewhere. When we got home, I walked inside the house and the first thing I noticed was a cat standing at Micah's feet. What?! I said, "Where did the cat come from." Chelsea immediately freaked out and shared her irrational fear and dislike of cats with us! The next two hours were spent attempting to give said cat away. Here's the problem with people who may want cats. 
A-they either hate cats with a serious passion or B-they have too many cats already. I posted it on Facebook, text several friends, and begged several others to no avail. We couldn't keep it because of Chelsea's crazy fear...but also because Micah and I are strongly allergic. But-since it was super cold last night, we felt like we needed to take care of the cat for a night. AND because my friend Jill told me she wouldn't stop until this poor kitty got a home and that it was extremely sweet. I couldn't (even with an extreme disdain for the feline) just let it freeze! We tried to put the cat in a box in the garage and she continued to jump out or wiggle past any barriers we had. So, we just shut the garage door. Micah and Chelsea went to their room and the cat started whining at the door. Additionally, our two dogs barked at the door loudly. I then convinced Moose to get the dog cage from the yard and put the cat in the cage in the garage. Ok-problem solved. Then, Monday morning, I was going to take the cat to a shelter. I released her from the cage and she took off. We played cat-and-mouse (or girl and cat) for approximately thirty minutes until I finally gave up. Kitty cat ran outside and I thought all hope was lost. However, when Micah got home, cat was waiting and ready to come into the garage again. We were finally able to corral the cat and get it taken care of. Phew-nothing like a fun cat story! 

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