Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Pops of Spring

I have always admired people who had cute seasonal decor that they changed out several times each year. So, I asked myself what was keeping me from being "those people"?

I started after fall of this year picking up several different items that would go with my house. Then, after Valentine's Day I did the same thing. In our area, there is a store called The Christmas Tree Shoppe. I am pretty sure it is a chain, and I have been excited to find some cheap and cute seasonal items there!

I got ahead with Easter and spring and am excited for the little pops of the season that I can set out around my house.

Have a look:

On the outside of the house, I found a cute wooden rabbit to put in a burlap wreath on the front! My mom found this super cute owl flag and I changed to my "Spring" "S" as my street number on the house. We have some really cute tulips blooming! They're sort of random, but they make me want a little sidewalk and some more flowering plants this spring/summer! On the back door, I put a burlap egg that is bright and fun and colorful. I love the pop of brightness.

In the kitchen, I put this cute towel that I found for $1, a centerpiece of a bargain bowl, some Easter grass and the coolest invention since sliced bread--plastic eggs that you can dye! looks like I put forth lots of effort and you only have to do it once ever.

I used "real" chalk this time rather than my chalk pens for an easy Easter piece of art.

In the living room, I put some Easter grass and more eggs in my birdcage. I placed this brightly colored tray that I found on clearance on our trunk and got a little bunny to sit by the TV.

 I found this green caraffe for $0.50 at Rite Aid! I think it was a leftover from St. Patricks Day, but it works for spring. I think I want a couple of flowers to hang out of it for spring and summer.

Here are some other things I did in the den for spring. A cute sign, eggs in lots of random places, and a little Happy Easter sign. These flashes of color and spring make me excited for the season.

Until next time :)

Friday, March 13, 2015

Shower time

A year ago, our friend group entered into the world of hosting baby showers for our friends. We became the "newly married, kid having" people instead of the "engaged and getting married" people. I must say, I like the stage of life we're in!

We had Andi's shower for sweet Liam almost a year ago exactly. 

It became time to shower our Shannon with gifts for baby Henry. I was so excited to work with Chelsea and Andi to plan and execute this shower. 

I designed these invitations (ignore the date/day error 😳) based loosely on Shannon's nursery decor. She is using grey, navy and pops of color. So fun! 

We went with that as the theme for the shower. Y'all-this shower turned out so cute! I don't know if it was the bright colorful air to the decor or the simplicity, but I loved it. 

A broad overview of the food table. We used brightly colored bags and spilled out colorful foods, such as goldfish, mike-n-Ike's, m & m's, etc. We had blue punch, cupcakes, and cake. We decorated this area with the food itself spread over a grey fabric cloth and a fun colorful banner. 

Some close ups:

Mrs Pam Jordan made the cutest cake ever for us! She does cakes as sort of a side business, so find her on facebook if you need an awesome cake! 
So cute!!! 

We went super simple with the gift opening area as well. I made a banner with Henry's name on it and mom and I made a fun wreath to welcome Henry. The idea for the chalkboard on the wreath is that Shannon can use it for birthdays and fun events in his life for years to come. 

Hard at work opening gifts: 

I loved this next picture. It shows two of Shannon's roommates and our best bud Andi with their kiddos. It makes me smile to think of our families all hanging out together, raising kids as friends, etc. There's nothing better than Godly community, is there?

Some shower guests:

Check out these awesome gifts! Baby Henry is so loved. 
Two things about this picture-
1-I love the sentiment of the sweet older ladies oohing and aahing over Shannon's gifts. The church is such an awesome place for inter-generational love! Most of these women were in Shannon and my summer Bible study this past year! What an impact!!
2-do yall see the quilt draped over the gift table? I must brag because Andi made that!!!! Didn't she do a fantastic job! She's helping her mom with Quilt-tees, a t-shirt quilt business and she has learned so much! I'm proud, girl! 

These girls are my favorites. I couldn't do life without them! Love them and our growing  families!!! 

***I love doing invitations, announcements, cards. Mrs. Pam is fantastic at her cakes, and Andi and her mom are your go to people for an awesome T-shirt quilt. I love supporting "normal" people pursuing their creative outlets. If you have that opportunity, support them too!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

It takes a little time

I am typically a go getter. I make a plan, I execute the quickly as humanly possible. When we decided we were going to move into our first home, I listed our rental on Craigslist (a little prematurely, as we hadn't exactly closed on a house yet) and got a subleaser....that same day. When I decide I'm over a particular decor item, I replace it...immediately. If I get the urge to deep clean my house, it MUST happen no matter what time of day. 

However, when it comes to school....

I was always the smart kid. I studied. I worked hard. I made 100's. 

Then, somethig happened in college. My switch flipped in the complete opposite direction! I was NOT enjoying my classes, I hated the competition, and I was not a fan of college-style school. It took me 4 major changes and a few extra years to make it through my Bachelors. I became the nonmotivated girl who was the last to turn in an assignment and didn't care if I made a C. 

Fast forward to my insane decision to get my masters. Y'all. I love love love the middle school kids. I am incredibly passionate about wanting to spend time with them, teach them, and impact their lives. But I am NOT enjoying the process. 

The go-getter in me began thinking about cleaning. I am obsessed with a clean bathroom. Just stick with me here. I am the girl who cleans my toilets at least twice a week.  I scrub the shower weekly. I hate to see mold or random hair, toothpaste or makeup remnants on the counter and floor. It's icky. However-lets be honest, I don't enjoy the process. There is nothing in me that just LOVES getting on my hands and knees to scrub the bathtub or clean the toilet. It's not my favorite thing, but I do it often because I love the result. 

Why don't I look at school that same way? I should be actively "getting after it" because I'm anxious for the result. They must correlate, they must go linearly. Without the process, there is no result. 

Phillipians 3:14 says, "I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus" (Holy Bible, ESV). 

What process are you hating right now? What are you struggling to finish because you're looking at the hard work rather than the finished result? 

Let us press on, keeping the goal in sight. Remember, without the process, there is no result!