Monday, January 13, 2014

Growing up a PK

I understand that our parents shape us. Oftentimes their careers have a huge part in who we grow up to be. I think, however, that those of us who grew up as the elusive Preacher's Kid get that tenfold. For today, I thought I would share with you ten things I learned as a Preacher's Kid. Some are funny, some serious, but all true!

1-Church is seriously not an option. It's a part of life!
2-When you are there, nice is also not an option.
3-Your private life is not private! It belongs to every person over the age of 60 in the church too.
4-You should be a person of integrity. Remember, people are watching.
5-When you take a moment and be kind and loving person, you are the one remembered.
6-My parents had enough room in their heart to share with me, my three siblings, the whole church, and so many more people. (sometimes, it felt like we were making room in our house, in their pocketbook, etc. too!)
7-Secrets are for real. Don't tell them. Just...don't.
8-The people who take the time to hug you every single nice to them. They're the ones who really care.
9-Your pastor works way harder than you could ever imagine. Cut him some slack.
10-Being a PK is not really that different than being a Christian. However, I experienced growth, hurts, shame, loss, discipleship, and ridicule at a much younger age than most. And I didn't die. In fact, it made me a more sensitive and loving person.

These things I learned helped shape who I am today. I plan to share some thoughts regarding Christianity as a lifestyle as well as church, love, Christ, and the world today in this blog. It is what I know. It is what I'm passionate about--people knowing about Christ, knowing Christ, and growing in Him. I can't wait to share it with you.

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