Tuesday, July 22, 2014

We had a ball

Last weekend, mom, Mackenzie, and I packed our bags and headed north to Tennessee. We were going to the Battle in the Boro Showcase basketball tournament in Nashville, TN. We hit the road Wednesday afternoon because we had to do tournament check in that evening. The ride was fairly uneventful, with the small exception of our search for a QT in North Georgia. Note-they get very few and far between once you pass Acworth (just in case you are also a gas station snob).

Upon arrival, we checked in at this huge hotel with literally thousands of other girls. It was a madhouse. I sent my dad a text that simply said, "We aren't in Kansas anymore!" Some of these girls were like NBA sized, I swear! Mackenzie's team was filled with cutely dressed 9th grade girls...and well, we felt a little out of place in the land of cut off t-shirts, sports bras, and Nike slides--even at check in.

The next morning, we arrived at the arena. I have never seen so many basketball games going at once! There were 30 games at a time in the one building....however, I must take a moment and say-it was the cleanest, quietest, and easiest basketball tournament to navigate! There were nice restrooms, the dull roar was there, but not insanely loud, and you could maneuver from game to game without ever leaving the building. We were also steps away from downtown Nashville, which we visited on one of our breaks. 

After getting our drinks in these to-go boots, I almost got us arrested by intentionally littering (my straw) directly in front of an undercover policeman! Mackenzie had been judgmental about the fact that I was wearing wedges with my shorts...but I told her that was my saving grace from a littering ticket!!!

I had to be the bookkeeper for our basketball team. It was fun, though! We watched Mack's team play 8 games and come in third. All in all, I think we watched 25-30 basketball games Thursday-Sunday! It was crazy...and a good thing we love the sport!

We spent a little more time being touristy:

We spent a lot of time waiting! (note our faces get more and more "excited" as the days go by...)

And, Mackenzie and I were good for one funny adventure each.

Mack left her shoes in a parking spot when changing from uniform to street clothes. Upon arriving at Starbucks 5 miles down the road (with no shoes), she exclaimed, "OH! I left my shoes there." So, we turned around...went back...and there they were, saving our parking spot :) I caught her in the act of putting her shoes back on in the very spot she left them.

And I thought it would be a great idea to sleep in these massive curlers to give my hair some extra body. Well, at 3 a.m., I was wide awake from a combination of curlers and caffeine and needed a snack! After sort of waking the entire hotel room, I ate some chex mix and took down that hair! Mom was not a happy camper about my mid-night roaming, but Mackenzie's only concern was that I might eat all of her chex mix :)

All in all, we had such a great time and I was so grateful that we got to go to this crazy tournament together! 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

#SavilleLifeInPictures2014. Week 29

Day 194: this crazy girl left her shoes in the parking space. 5 miles down the road, she remembers this detail! We went back and there were her shoes-saving our parking spot!

Day 195: my view was quite different on this night than the nights before! Grateful to be home from a trip, but missing all the basketball! 

Day 196: hill repeats on this hot night! But first, we had to take a selfie!

Day 197: these kiddos were my buddies at Wednesday Night Live on this night! Trouble in threes, for sure!

Day 198: bought these supplies today! Getting ready for the beach!!!

Day 199: they take getting a degree in education seriously these days! Fingerprinting done; one step closer. 

Day 200: some people just don't understand the joys in a good book, sweet tea, and a bath! 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

#SavilleLifeInPictures2014. Week 28

Day 186: patriotic service Sunday morning, catch phrase at night. Perfect Sunday!

Day 187: just timed a Cross Country Time Trial on this night. Love this sport. 

Day 188: game night with sweet friends!

Day 189: mini road trip to TN for basketball!

Day 190: day one of a crazy basketball tournament. 40 games going on at once, scouts everywhere! Kept the book, toured some, and ate yummy food. 

Bonus: ready for day 2

Day 191: played tourist with my sister on this day. This was right after she asked who the Dukes of Hazard were and before she asked who Willie Nelson was!

Day 192: waiting on a game that started at 8:45-9:45 eastern-which is my bedtime!!! Had such a fun time with these girlies this week!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Celebrate Good Times

This past week was full of fun and festivities to celebrate America and friends and family on the fourth. We spent the fourth with Moose's siblings and their kids, as well as my family. Everyone came to our house for a super fun cookout and a day full of swimming.

We were really bad about pictures, but we got some fun ones.

We swam and ate our hearts content. Sadly, Savilles had to head back to Ga that evening, but it was a great time of hanging out together. Moose's parents couldn't come because they were leaving on a mission trip to Haiti the next morning and they were missed, but we definitely understood their reasoning!

Saturday was a relaxing crazy day of shopping with the family. 

I love my people!!!

That night, we met up with all of our friends (including Micah and Chelsea who returned from their cruise JUST IN TIME) for the Williamston fireworks. Y'all! I was impressed! The fireworks in our town have been timed several years prior to this one and typically range in the 8-12 minute marks. This year's show was 22 minutes. Here are some samples for you:

 My sweet girlfriends. Love these ladies.
 selfie nation!

Awesome fireworks!!!

Sunday was our annual patriotic service at church. I love this service so much! We get to celebrate our freedom in America, and more importantly, our freedom in Christ. Click here for the full album of pictures from this day...or just check out this small sample of what we did:

We ended this super fun holiday weekend by sitting around my parents living room, eating blackberry cobbler for my grandpa's birthday, and playing catch phrase. It's the perfect way to end any weekend in my perspective! I love my people!