Sunday, January 12, 2014

#SavilleLifeInPictures2014 Week Two

This week was fairly uneventful, but those are the ones I enjoy the most! Fun times with family and friends, decisions about the house, and just some relaxing evenings!

Day 5: C and I made a quick drive through run after church because we don't cook on Sunday!

Day 6: Watching my sweet sister play basketball! They may not win every game, but this sister plays with some major heart!

Day 7: All bundled up in the frigid weather in my MixandMatchMama scarf! We also took a run that day!

Day 8: The back of my car on that day! Samples, samples, samples! Which carpet, which floor, etc.

Day 9: We had subfloor on day 9 of the year after 30 + days without it! Moving on in the process :)

Day 10: Be still my heart--chai tea, PJs, and Grey's reruns. The perfect weekend evening and the number one sign I'm no longer a young gun!

Day 11: While the boys are away, the girls will eat pizza and do nothing else! Lazy, lazy weekend.

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