Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 In Review

Blogging is officially resuming for this family! We will certainly do better. Moose and I had a fun year in 2013-it was full of some crazy events, some exciting events, and some normal days! So-to begin 2014, we will have a fun year in review!

January: had a fun beach trip to start off the year! Celebrated my 25th birthday--yay for lower car insurance :)

February: Went on a fun kids retreat to Great Wolf Lodge with our church.

Did my first Grand Opening of 2013 in Tullohoma, TN.

March: A certain husband of mine defended for his PhD in this month! We were so nervous and excited for this day to come and felt so thrilled that Moose passed with flying colors! I took this picture while in the drive through of a certain the exact moment Moose called to tell me he had passed!

April: We celebrated Moose's 27th Birthday!

May: Moose graduated! He got a "big boy job"! We had a super fun party! This was a big month for us :) 

June: We spent basically every day by my brother and S-I-L's pool. Yay for living only one street away and doubly yay for summer.

July: My brother, his wife and I flew to Maine along with our grandparents. We met up with my parents and two sisters and enjoyed a week in my favorite state! I was a little sad that Moose couldn't join us, but had to be grateful for his J-O-B!

August: I did a Grand Opening in New Jersey, visited NYC, and had pneumonia!

September: Moose and I met my sweet nephew, Noah, for the first time. Moose's sisters have a fun trend of having babies while I'm away on Grand Opening adventures!
(I make and sell these fun prints. Let me know if you're interested in one!)

 We spend a long weekend with the Saville family at the beach!

October: We did lots and lots of running! and watching running! Both of my sisters ran XC for the high school team, which my brother  coaches.

The big moment: the boys were second in region. I love this face!

November: This was a huge...huge month! Cross Country State

We saw our Tigers play in the Valley for our one and only time this year

Oh, and I quit my job of 8 years! It was time to walk away. This was an incredibly emotional time, but Moose and I trust that it is right .

December: A tiny little pipe burst in our kitchen...causing over $20,000 of damages. We are still living with my brother and sis-in-law who have been SO gracious to share their guest room with us.

We also celebrated Christmas with both of our families :) Yay! It's my most favorite time of year.

What a fun and adventurous year! We are excited to see what 2014 will hold!

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