Friday, January 17, 2014

Fitness Friday Edition: food

Diet. It's a nasty word that has horrible connotations. In fact, I don't really like to hear it because to me, it has always meant that the people around me are eating things that have no taste and I have to endure it with them...and eat yummy things when they aren't around. Not really the best concept about food. I'm finding though, that diet must go hand and hand with fitness...and I'm choosing to focus on the nutrition word rather than the diet word.

This is my ideal image of a perfect evening. A salty sweet snack, creamer-ed up coffee, and a book or seven. Also, I'm madly and deeply in love with carbs...lots of them. And finally, proteins aren't my favorite. I don't really love meat. So, to have good nutrition and a balanced, getting for diet, my mindset is going to have to adjust.

Here's my plan. I am going to start the day with breakfast, that includes some protein. It may only be almonds in my cereal, but that's a step. Then, for lunch, I am going to stay under 500 calories. In that lunch, I need to incorporate at least one to two servings of "green". Finally, at night-portion is key. I'm working on cooking cleaner meals for supper. I.e. Fewer boxes and a fuller refrigerator. That being said, I'm not cutting the potatoes or pasta--simply trading it for whole grain and a smaller portion. I'm in a place where I don't need to lose weight, so I can be lenient with my diet-but nutrition is critical for even the most fit individuals.

The last part of my nutrition plan includes water-and lots of it! With the exercise I'm doing, I should be drinking 80-90 oz water each day. I'm fairly confident that I'm in the 30 ranger currently. :/ I'm going to track my water intake until I get better!

My husband is doing Beahbody's Shakeology challenge. It is helping him jump start into a more fit way of life. If you are interested in this jump start and lifestyle change, let me know and I can get you connected with a coach. Hopefully soon, cleaner eating and proper nutrition will soon be a better way of life and more than just a fitness Friday post!

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