Tuesday, January 28, 2014


One of my favorite things in the whole wide world when I was a kid was a snow day. I love love loved the snow. Sledding and playing and making snow cream ... And just the shear beauty of it all. I blame it partially on my parents. We have snow suits from teeny tiny to xxxl in our attic. We all bundled up together and played for hours. Then, we would have hot cocoa and chili and let our snow clothes dry by the fire. 

In college, I would literally drive home when the weather man announced it was going to snow so that we could all be snowed in together. 

Some of my fondest memories come from snow days such as:
-the time our family was snowed in at our church for an entire weekend and slept in my dads office. 
-the six day snow where we could literally not leave our gravel drive way, but played in the snow every single day. 
-my 16th birthday, when my surprise party was cancelled but my high school boyfriend walked 3 miles to my house to play in the snow
-our big college snow where we built thousands of snowmen on Bowman field
-the snow when Moose and I, along with my brother and now sister in law all piled up at my parents house for three days of snowed-in fun. 

I get that I live in SC and what we get doesn't count and yada yada. I also get that it's dangerous and people have to work and people wreck and etc. But all of that aside, in the simplest of forms - I am so in love with the nostalgia of a good, old fashioned snow day. So, here's to an amazing snow day this Wedneaday January 29. At this moment, I'm not sure if my hubby has to work. I'm not sure if this snow day will work its way onto my list of super fun snow day memories. But, I'm going to relish it. 
It's A Snow Day!
 (And I will be posting pictures tomorrow, play-ability or not). 

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