Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Has anyone told you that it's cold?

So, normally, I would tell you that I hate the extreme hot. Summer is one of my least favorite seasons. I'm typically over it by like June 3rd. I can lay out by the pool for approximately 30 minutes and then I either need to be in the water or in the climate-controlled living room. Normally, I would tell you that I get excited when I see numbers lower than 60 on the weather forecast and I sleep with my PJ's inside out multiple times each winter (because that makes it snow, duh!). HOWEVER-unless it is inches deep in snow outside, it should certainly not be below 20. Ever.

Tuesday was a day of cold. I had planned on going to my house to take down the Christmas decorations, but a series of unfortunate events cancelled that plan. The events were as follows:
1-a phone call from Moose (from another room in the house) to tell me that only the sinks were working, and only in the bathrooms.
2-a two hour delay for Micah and Chelsea that included Chelsea scrambling to another house to take a shower and Micah semi-showering in the bathroom sink
3-a phone call from Micah asking me to pick up his (read:large) dog from his truck because the vet visit took less time than expected
4-a trip to his school in my PJ's and winter coat (yes, I looked really cute)
5-fiddling with the water in the entire house for over an hour until I got the showers and kitchen water working
6-realizing that my boxes for the decorations were in the storage building behind my house and that would mean I had to venture into the cold in order to actually undecorate
[I understand that this list has 6 points and that is rather annoying to my OCD self, but it is what it is]

So, the Christmas trees will live another day. In my house. With no other actual decor. Apparently, reno companies will undecorate your bookshelves, pack up your kitchen, and store your furniture--but they draw the line at undecorating Christmas decor. Ok, Rainbow, Ok. There's always tomorrow...unless its cold!

I did at one point get dressed and venture outside. (see?)
That being said it was just to go from point A to point B, during which I text my husband and asked at what point it was appropriate to live in Maine in the summer and Florida in the winter. Apparently, we haven't reached that age yet. So, now I'm going to find a blanket or three and cuddle on the couch until March!

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