Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The dog days of...winter

We have a really good dog. His name is Moxie and he is a mutt, but he is a good dog. Moose has taught him so much-to obey, to do tricks, to follow sign language. I even like him. I mean, I'm still not an animal lover, but I will at least let him in the house! Trust me when I say this is an advancement in the kindness to animals department. My point, and I do have one, is that our dog has been in the school of bad dog lately.

This picture is the opposite of all things that have been going on:
That is my dog Moxie on the left. On the right is Satan himself. Actually, his name is Drake and he is my brother's dog. While I am grateful for my brother allowing Moose and me to stay at his house while ours is being fixed, the damage to our dog is  unfixable! Exhibit A:

This is what drake did to the cushion beside the pool a few months ago. This is the sort of dog who eats trees. Not sticks or branches, mind you, trees! So we thought Moxie may be a good influence on Drake (I.e. The first picture) however, it seems that our dog will never be the same. This my friends is what happened to the couch is Micah's storage building:

Yes, this is real life. If I were THAT person, I would #dogsofinstagram that sucker! I'm just saying ... Wow. Luckily, this is the couch that you stick in the building just in case someone wants to sit while outside shooting the bow or playing darts, or even for the comfort of the dogs on a really cold day. But this, this destruction is beyond what My dog would do! I wish I could get a picture of the scattered cushion looking like snow in the backyard, but alas, it is dark and I forgot when it was daytime. 

So, you may think that the couch is pretty awful, but not the worst thing ever. Well, the neighbors called the police because their dogs were attacked last week. And guess who they thought was the culprit!?  If you guessed Drake and Moxie, you get a gold star! Luckily, I could account for the fact that the dogs had (read: against our better judgement, but it WAS  really cold) slept inside the night before. The conversation went sort of like this:
Officer: do you have dogs
Me: yes
Officer: are they outside dogs that look like German Shepards?
Me: well, not really. Do you want to come look? Wait.  Why?
Officer: your neighbor's dog was attacked last night and they say your dogs bark a lot and are fairly destructive
Me: well, our dogs slept inside when my brother and husband got home last night. We actually don't all live here, but were staying here. Come, look and I will show you the DVD don't look like German Shepards. (Note the incessant rambling and too many details!)
Officer looks and assures neighbor that our dogs are innocent. 

Needless to say from these two incidents-Moxie is becoming more and more of an outside dog as the days go by. He may never get the privilege to sleep inside again. Now, I must go-I hear the back door opening, which means Moose is trying to sneak the dogs inside after the rest of is have gone to bed.........

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