Monday, January 6, 2014

A New Groove

As I got ready this morning and scrolled through blogs and Facebook posts, there was a recurring theme: "Getting back in the groove". For better or worse, people are talking about getting back in their groove after the holidays. They love it, they hate it, they were praying for a snow day to delay it, etc.

This concept persuaded me to think and reflect on my opinion. I am grateful that everyone is going back to work and school and "the norm" so that I can find my new groove! Quitting your job in December has many advantages and disadvantages, but one in particular is that you don't have to hit reality straight on. You still feel very busy because you have decorating, baking, cleaning, and shopping to do. You have teacher-friends who are also not working, you know students out on break. It is simply like a winter vacation-how lovely! Then come the questions, "What is this going to be like when they go back to school?" "What am I going to do when the days and weeks are ahead?"

I had a groove. I got up at 6:30, got dressed, checked my social media sites, went to work, worked really hard emotionally, mentally, and physically, came home, ordered take out for dinner (grin), did a various evening activity and went to bed. On my weekday off, I would shop for groceries, clean house, do laundry, and find some hang out time with my mom. It was a busy groove, but it was mine. It was comfortable. It was draining. It left very little energy for anything outside of work. So, I made a change. But-it's still new. It's uncomfortable. It's quiet. I'm not asking for a new to-do list--I have one of those! I am in the midst of a major house renovation, writing 6 months of discipleship curriculum, and 'keeping house' for myself and my sister-in-law as we share her home for the next month. No, I don't need more time fillers. Just time. Time to figure out my new groove. Time to adjust, to create a schedule, to follow a planner (because, well, I'm type-A). Yes, we've hit post-holiday back-in-the-groove time and I'm with the masses who are excited about it because this time it means I get to take steps toward a new groove, a new normal. I honestly don't know what's ahead--and that feeling is a mixture of extreme anxiety and mild anticipation, but I do know that it's going to be fun in the meantime.

As I dig a new groove, I am grateful for a moment of quiet on the couch this morning to just breathe. Hopefully, this groove will be much more in line with where the Lord has placed me and much more rewarding for my family!

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