Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year...New Resolutions

So, the first post I posted this morning was supposed to go up yesterday. Then, this one today. However, I obviously don't understand the "Schedule" feature of Blogger. I'll get it though.

Every year, I sit and reflect, groan and moan, and then make several resolutions. Then, every year around April, I've broken them all.

This year is simple, though:
I am going to run 1000 miles.
I am going to take Jon Acuff's Empty Shelf Challenge . (I would strongly encourage you to do this too!)
 I am going to cook at minimum two days each week.
I am going to complete all the days of my spring and fall Bible studies.

The year of 2014 will hold several firsts and "new" things for our family! We will take several fun vacations, have a kitchen remodel, attempt to figure out what my "next career step" is, and I'm sure many surprises that God has in store for us. I am going to attempt to find a little bit of Happy in every day, document it, and post weekly #Savillelifeinpictures2014 on the blog. You can also follow these daily posts on instagram @1988Megan or @TheMooseIsLoose86.

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