Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Party like its 2015

Typically, my family goes to the beach the week between Christmas and New Years. It is something we have done for what seems like forever and a favorite time to unwind. 

This year, Mackenzie had a basketball tournament, so we ended up not going. As soon as I heard we weren't going to be out of town, my wheels started spinning for a NYE party. 

At our former church, we had friends who had a NYE party every year. They invited all sorts of people with little to no intimate connection and just had a fun, low key night. I took their idea and ran with it. 

I changed out a couple of my Christmasy themed decorations for sparkly New Year themed ones and we were set. We invited the majority of our Sunday School class, some random friends, and family. Everyone brought appetizers, we roasted marshmallows, and we had some fireworks. We played a 2014 year in review trivia game which our friend Jamie 
Absolutely dominated. 

I have a bench in my entryway and I transformed it to be a little mini-photo booth. 

Not everyone made it to midnight, but those of us who did brought it in with style-noisemakers and Taylor Swift of course. 

It was so fun to expand our circle and spend time with friends we don't always hang out with. This will definitely be a tradition we will uphold for all of the NYE we are at home!