Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Imperfect Progress

About a year ago, I did aBible study entitled Unglued by Lysa Terkurst. It was a really good study, and many things stuck with me. But, one thing in particular that came to mind this morning was the topic of imperfect progress. This morning I was feeling extra tired, and decided to stay in bed. That then threw off my whole morning! My laundry did not get done, I was late getting up, and I was late to work on my house. Also, I started beating myself up over the fact that I had not yet posted a blog. Every day since new year… Seriously, Megan you're going to mess that streak up?

And then I remembered something that Lysa talked about in the study. Imperfect progress. Yes, a changed life is the goal. But, we will never be perfect this side of heaven. So – the question remains are you making progress? There are going to be days when you just feel tired. There are going to be days when you accomplish nothing on your to do list. Days that you literally forget to read your Bible, that you are completely hateful to all those around you… but, are those days in the majority? Or, are you making progress? Imperfect Progress allows for human error. It allows us to fail. And that is okay! We are going to fail. We are going to  mess up. are going to have bad days. Don't beat yourself up! Back up and examine your progress. Make your goal Imperfect Progress and move forward. Learn from the cruddy days and move forward. Most of all-just remember to move forward!

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