Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ditch 1; Megan's Car 0

This week has been insanely hectic. In fact, we've had meetings almost every day at work, I've been training new employees, my house is a wreck, I've had assignments to do at home, my grandfather was in the hospital, I kept my sisters two days....phew!

On Thursday, I was playing "mommy megan". I picked my sisters up from school, swung through the Micky D's drive through for three medium fries and three large sweet teas (mmm!) and then headed to Mackenzie's basketball practice. OMG y'all, this team is like mini-NBA! I took work to do at the basketball court but was so drawn in to the practice, I got nothing done. So intense!

On the way home, Mac asked if we could go to the softball game. I told her no, but that I would swing by to check the score. We went down the back road to inspect the scoreboard to find a barricade up in the middle of the road. So...instead of backing into the parking lot about 10 feet behind me, I decide to swing around and do a quick U-Turn. My front right tire "slid" in a patch of leaves and ended up in a rather deep ditch. So, if you can picture it--Mackenzie is in the front seat and her tire is deep in the ditch. My tire and side of car are on the ground. The tire behind me is IN THE AIR and the rear passenger tire is on the ground. I say...Mackenzie, call Micah (brother) and get him, now..and don't get out! To which she replies, I can't...and I can't get out because I'm leaning over in a ditch! We call Micah and he, a random janitor from the local elementary school whose ditch we were in, and a local fellow all stood on the back left corner of my car while I turned my traction control on and backed up. A narrow escape of death's door..we (and the car) came out unscathed. The only injury was Mackenzie's club salad especially gotten at the Clock in Moonville (SO SAD!) Luckily, my chili-cheese fries were safe! Moral of the story--Don't do U-Turns after getting stuck trying to creep on the softball game--or something like that!

First Quarter Update!

Alrighty friends...The first quarter of 2012 is over...OMG!!!!

So, as you can see, my blog updating goal has been seriously lacking..but I have been keeping track of some others. Here's a quick update for my sake.

Spiritual Goals--So far, I have memorized 6 Bible verses (keeping me right on track :)), My QT is getting better..but I still have a long way to go in that department. I swear, consistent time with the Lord is SO difficult to manage for me.

Relational--I'm doing okay on these. The most difficult one is building serious, meaningful friendships. I will need to be more intentional about this. 

Financially--we have done really well so far in 2012! Our credit cards are all paid mortgage and student debt are our only sources of debt! We have tithed appropriately, and now that our debt is paid off, we are attempting to restructure and save some mulah!

Physically, my goals have been a little bit difficult to accomplish thus far. Medicinally, I have had some major difficulties..pray for me! With running, i have done fairly well..but a knee injury forced me to give away my registration for my March 31 10K :( I AM, however, running a Mud Run in April !!! 

I've done pretty well with my reading. i've tried to keep a record of the non-"fun" books I've read so that I can go back and see what I have learned. I will need to be more intentional about this. House cleaning has been great (with the exception of the two weeks Bible Study wasn't hosted at our house and I took a reprieve :) )....and well, you know about the blogging. I'll have to do better in Q2-Q4.

Professionally, I will attend my first grand opening beginning April 9th!!! Yay! I've taken strengths assessments and spoken with mentors about getting prepared for IM! I'm excited about moving forward in this area.

Thats my Quarter One goal update.