Friday, January 31, 2014

Fitness Friday. Edition: Excuses

Why didn't you work out today?
Because I _________! (You fill in the blank with your favorite) 

I bet I've used your favorite excuse over the last two weeks. I've used them all. Nothing like the accountability of a blog post to write to kick all motivation away! I've said it's too cold, I'm too busy, I'm too tired, I haven't hydrated properly, I don't have the right clothes, my people aren't available, I don't feel like it....and probably some more than I can't think of. But here's the thing-none of those things actually made me feel better about my lack of exercising. The days I felt the best were the days I got my lazy self up and ran. 

Some of my favorite excuses and some shared by my family: (as well as how we should combat them)
1-I'm too tired. This is in fact a silly excuse as exercising actually gives refreshing endorphins, which can be more beneficial than a nap!
2-I'm already in decent shape. There are always ways to improve. Fitness is a continual journey! We can't stop once we "reach fitness" or we will immediately lose it.
3-I need to lose weight first. Consider this, diet + exercise is the perfect partnership for fitness. Eating appropriate food sets your body up for success; following up with exercise allows muscle mass to be built and high fat contents to be lost. 
4-I don't have anyone to work out with. Find a friend, join a gym, or ask someone! Quite possibly that friend you have who is already working out would love some accountability in the process. 
And finally
5-I don't have time. Get off your phone and do! I get that there are busy days, but my parents have always told me "you have time for what you want to have time for." (I'm kicking myself because this was my go-to this week!!!). Make time for it. It is important. 

No excuses this week! 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Unexpected routine

So, I'm doing this thing where I'm reading the Bible in a year, chronologically. I got the inspiration from my S-I-L Angela. I didn't actually tell anyone I was doing it because if I don't tell anyone and I fail, then it's just me and God who know. Grin-if you've follows me since January 1, or are related to me, you know my failure issues so this logic shouldn't seem shocking to you. However, I don't want to fail. But, there are days when it's hard. 

Today, for example was an unexpected snow day. My siblings and husband and parents were all home today, and there were still laundry to do, construction projects to do, things to be written, a blog to be kept, scripture to read...

I read a lot all the time about routine and keeping ones routine and etc etc. But, it seems so impractical when the days are so unexpected. I know it's going to get more and more unexpected, so please, moms of the world-don't jump down my throat and tell me how great I have it. I get it. But, unexpected messes with routine. It messes with priorities. I don't have this fantastic bulleted list of ways to prioritize and keep a proper routine. I don't know because I'm attempting to figure it out. However, from my research, what I'm learning is that a morning routine works best to jump start the day. On the days when you get up at 6, you do it. On the days you sleep in until 9, you do it. So, maybe that's my new thing. My new way not to fail at this ambition of chronological reading. An explicit morning routine. I have one-it includes a shower, reading blogs, one load of laundry, emptying the dishwasher. I just have never articulated it. 

So, in an effort to become more productive, my goal for the next week. Until next Thursday. Is to come up with my own practical morning routine. I will share it with you, along with pictures next week. 

Now, before you go: snow day pictures!!!

Happy people on a day off!

Micah sort of rocked out this snow angel. 

And when he did this I couldn't help but tell him that "fools names like their faces are always found in public places" in a song-song voice. 

Snowball fight!

And my husband turning on the camera girl! Ps- do you see that I captured the actual snowball?!?

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


One of my favorite things in the whole wide world when I was a kid was a snow day. I love love loved the snow. Sledding and playing and making snow cream ... And just the shear beauty of it all. I blame it partially on my parents. We have snow suits from teeny tiny to xxxl in our attic. We all bundled up together and played for hours. Then, we would have hot cocoa and chili and let our snow clothes dry by the fire. 

In college, I would literally drive home when the weather man announced it was going to snow so that we could all be snowed in together. 

Some of my fondest memories come from snow days such as:
-the time our family was snowed in at our church for an entire weekend and slept in my dads office. 
-the six day snow where we could literally not leave our gravel drive way, but played in the snow every single day. 
-my 16th birthday, when my surprise party was cancelled but my high school boyfriend walked 3 miles to my house to play in the snow
-our big college snow where we built thousands of snowmen on Bowman field
-the snow when Moose and I, along with my brother and now sister in law all piled up at my parents house for three days of snowed-in fun. 

I get that I live in SC and what we get doesn't count and yada yada. I also get that it's dangerous and people have to work and people wreck and etc. But all of that aside, in the simplest of forms - I am so in love with the nostalgia of a good, old fashioned snow day. So, here's to an amazing snow day this Wedneaday January 29. At this moment, I'm not sure if my hubby has to work. I'm not sure if this snow day will work its way onto my list of super fun snow day memories. But, I'm going to relish it. 
It's A Snow Day!
 (And I will be posting pictures tomorrow, play-ability or not). 

Monday, January 27, 2014

It's Your BIRTHday!

I love birthdays. Next to Christmas, they are my favorite holiday. I think I love that they are especially unique for each person. Even twins (like my husband) get celebrated separately on their birthdays. It's important and special. No matter how old or how busy you are, you should celebrate your birthday!

My birthday was yesterday. It started out with a fun song-text from my mom telling me happy birthday. Then, Chelsea and Micah had a fun present for me. Then, I saw this beauty on Instagram:

I'm pretty sure I looked the same 6 as I do at 26 (observe top center). That was just too funny not to share. A minor commentary on Megan's 'looks' of the past-
1-That side pony tail! Pure and complete late 80s right there! And that color block dress with the red collar was definitely at the height of fashion.
2-Those American Girl dolls were my babies. Clearly, since I had a semi-professional photo taken with them.
3-That pageant was less than two weeks after I had been on bedrest for meningitis and we moved to Williamston. There were approximately 75000 reasons I cringe a little when I see that picture.
4-That was recent, so I don't have a ton to say about it except that when you run a race in a hoodie and still win your age group-it was probably a small race. 
5-This was Micah and Chelsea's engagement day. My whole job was to get in "the spot" and ask for my picture to be taken so that we could judge if the lighting would be okay. The picture turned out awkward. The engagement happened anyway.
6-I don't remember this race. Let's talk instead about the pearl earrings in my ears. ha! 
7-My wedding day. This pink chair was momentarily stolen from my grandparents living room for a photo session. I still don't feel guilty.
8- Seriously, though. That cast, the face in the bowl, the white t-shirt. What's not to love?

ok-back to birthdays. We went to church and celebrated with my family afterward for lunch. Then, Moose and I cleaned out and organized his closet while my mom and sister painted the floor in our den (before it gets carpet because it was looking very dirty we mold-proof Kilz'd it). 
Halfway done

At some point during that process, I proclaimed that birthdays just aren't what they used to be when you become an adult. This made me depressed, so I gathered a group of friends to go to supper after night church with me "for my birthday." See, birthday's do wield a lot of power--my brother typically hightails it back to his house and cozy clothes after church!

Finally, at some point yesterday, I saw the google home page:

The nerd in me was overwhelmingly excited that Google knew it was my birthday and wanted it to be as important as I thought it was! HA! My own private Google birthday home screen message. Love. 

Needless to say, I had a wonderful birthday where I felt loved and made super special by all of those around me (and all of those who commented on social media--one of my favorite parts of my birthday since Facebook has been around is checking my FB account periodically all day long and seeing people from my whole life stop by and say happy birthday. It's super special!) So, thanks...and I promise to try and give your birthday a little bit of special too. You deserve it!!!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

#savillelifeinpictures2014 week 4

Day 19: happy Sunday afternoon drive! 

Day 20: got to use this super awesome power tool! No one got hurt!

Day 21: came home to this picture. (I loved all the commentary about him not pointing the gun at himself!!!)

Day 22: don't let me paint your house! Messy, messy!

Day 23: one of my happy places-the basketball court. Love watching my sis play!

Day 24: I discovered my beastly qualities on this day when I ripped up this laminate all by myself. 

Day 25: wrapping up this week with a fun date night. 

I am loving documenting our lives in this way. It's so special and fun to look back already! I hope you're enjoying this snippet too. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The DIY is getting done

I come from a long line of "we can just do that ourselves." My husband comes from the school of thought I recall Charlie from Two and A Half Men calling, "why'd you do that yourself? Why didn't you just call the guy?" So-in the process of this house crisis (And if you haven't heard about it yet, we are talking pipe burst, major insurance claim, lots of damage crisis here.), we have tried to meet in the middle. 
Water damage: Day 1

So, we called some people and they ripped my house apart! 
 And then it became time for "we can handle this next phase". So, we laid flooring: 

 We did some additional demolition:

We did baseboards and quarter round: 

And this, my friends, is where the story gets interesting. You see, up until this point, we all worked really well together on all of the projects. But, baseboard day was just mom, dad, and me and we discovered major flaw number one: Melanie cannot read a tape measure. Literally, the measurements were going to the saw as such: fourteen inches and three lines, thirty six inches minus a line. What?!? Lol! Fractions are not her forte. So, we adjusted and that's how I got to be the measured and nailer. This is impressive as my biggest job to that moment was to break down the cardboard boxes. (I said I came from a long line of DIY. What I failed to mention was that my gift in the DIY situation has and always will be management, supervision, and maybe-on good days-calculating. Not really craftiness.)

So, on to today. Today was what I would like to call my least favorite day. Ironically, it is also known as Mom's favorite day: paint day! 

We had to paint this kitchen. Mind you, it's an "easy" task because the cabinets aren't in and I was suckered into buying "premium" paint that goes on with one coat and the primer is in the paint. Yeah-right. We quickly discover that as bad as mom is with the tape measure, I triple her badness with a paint roller. Cutting in is way too much to ask. I am MESSY. 
Exhibits A and B:
My once red sweatpants. 

My hands. After washing. 

Exhibit C is the best, though. See, mom had a drop cloth for me (she KNOWS) to use and I was staying on it nicely. Then, I needed more paint. So, I poured it in my tray and asked mom to get the paint off of the edge of the can before it dripped. While I waited on her, I tilted the can away from the "dripping" side. Then, all of a sudden---

Yep-my foot is orange. I had tilted the can so far that the overflow had poured onto my foot, onto the drop cloth, on my pants, etc. Oops. Don't worry, though, we had enough for mom to finish the walls while I moved on to another project!! 

We are less than two weeks from final product. I am so excited to be back in my own home and show you around all that we "did ourselves!" 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Fear and answers

Here's the thing. My biggest fear when I quit my job was that I would not be able to answer the question,"what are you going to do now?" Because well, I didn't know. My biggest fear wasn't the money or the time or the missing what I did, it was the knawing thought in the back of my head that I would not be able to justify my action to those who asked. You see, a long time ago I knew-I won't be able to quit work until I have a child because I don't want people to think I'm lazy or not doing something or wasting my time and education. Pride has always been my struggle and I analyze and justify things so I still look good. Well, not being able to answer the million dollar "what's next" question doesn't indicate someone who has it all together. It doesn't indicate a planner who knows every next step. My whole life has been about carefully calculating the next step and being able to justify it from here to yon.

I think this step--The quitting step--has been the strangest step I've ever taken. I am still able to justify the why behind it all and how God led me there (if you ask me, I will share those details), but God led me to the why and the when without revealing the "where to next."  I've spent the past two months fully immersed in the day-to-day. You know by now I've worked on my house, written discipleship, and etc but still the question arises "what are you going to do now?"  

Wait. I am actively waiting on The Lord to move and to tell me where to move. It may be as simple as "when you're done with these lessons. I have another project for you to work on" or as insane as "take this job with this company." I don't know and I'm becoming more and more okay with not knowing. What does it mean to actively wait? It means, to me, that I have complete faith that God has directed me to where I am. During this time, I am using my talents and gifts for Him whenever given  the opportunity and I'm trusting that  when it's time to move, He'll lead. It's scary and it sounds nuts to someone who doesn't believe in a God who guides and directs...and it's way way crazy for my planning, type-A self who calculates every step...but it's where I am. So, as cliche as it sounds-I'm facing my fear of the unknown and my fear of being judged as the girl who doesn't have it all together and I'm waiting. Actively waiting on what's next, and in the meantime-practicing contentment where I am. Luke 16:10 tells us "He who is faithful in a little thing is faithful in much." I encourage you to take the step God is asking you to take, trust, remain faithful, and He will bless.

Imperfect Progress

About a year ago, I did aBible study entitled Unglued by Lysa Terkurst. It was a really good study, and many things stuck with me. But, one thing in particular that came to mind this morning was the topic of imperfect progress. This morning I was feeling extra tired, and decided to stay in bed. That then threw off my whole morning! My laundry did not get done, I was late getting up, and I was late to work on my house. Also, I started beating myself up over the fact that I had not yet posted a blog. Every day since new year… Seriously, Megan you're going to mess that streak up?

And then I remembered something that Lysa talked about in the study. Imperfect progress. Yes, a changed life is the goal. But, we will never be perfect this side of heaven. So – the question remains are you making progress? There are going to be days when you just feel tired. There are going to be days when you accomplish nothing on your to do list. Days that you literally forget to read your Bible, that you are completely hateful to all those around you… but, are those days in the majority? Or, are you making progress? Imperfect Progress allows for human error. It allows us to fail. And that is okay! We are going to fail. We are going to  mess up. are going to have bad days. Don't beat yourself up! Back up and examine your progress. Make your goal Imperfect Progress and move forward. Learn from the cruddy days and move forward. Most of all-just remember to move forward!

Monday, January 20, 2014

My new purchase: Erin Condren Life Planner

Last week, this beautiful package came in the mail:

I opened it up to find this:

I know, right? Tissue paper with a sticker that says "enjoy". Too much cuteness all at once. Even though I knew what was inside, I was excited. I carefully unfolded the tissue (don't judge) and saw it. This:

What is it, you ask? It is an Erin Condren Life Planner and here's the thing. Ever since I saw this planner reviewed on a random blog that I stalk (sorry, I would tell you whose it was, but I truly don't remember), I knew I had to have one. It has personalized fonts and calendars. It is tabbed and the month sections are beside the weeks that correspond to the months. Additionally, there is a section right in the front where you can put special dates--birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Basically, it is Megan Saville's perfect planner. Moose freaked a tiny little bit lot when I told him what it cost, but when it comes down to it--it is <$1 a week. I spend more than that on drive-through sweet tea. 

I haven't really gotten to use this thing to its fullest yet...but I did write my important dates in the front, choose the "right" pen to use in it, and put some home receipts in the handy folder in the back labeled "important: save me". So far, I'm in love. I have no connection to Erin Condren, nor am I getting any perk for this post...but I needed to share with you the joy that comes from something simple like a planner. If you're looking for one (or have thought about giving up the Outlook or iPhone calendar for paper again---aka ME), this planner is the way to go! You can even purchase it Feb to Feb or July to July, whatever 12 months you need. I am super excited about getting organized and writing it all down in my Erin Condren Life Planner . 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

#SavilleLifeInPictures Week 3

This week we got a ton done around the house, planned and executed my mom's birthday party and did the usual "nothing."

Day 12: Happy Birthday Dad...and Blake.

Day 13: Half Marathon training fully underway. Trying really hard to be faithful! (some days I really fail...)

Day 14: Working on discipleship curriculum all over Chelsea's den floor. Pretty sure she was having anxiety attacks the entire time.

Day 15: Representing the south in our monogrammed everything!

Day 16: So much work happened on this day. We laid floor and made lots of headway. Also, it was this woman's birthday! (mom!!!!)

Day 17: Date night with friends. I also dragged them all over town shopping after we ate.

Day 18: The result of a super fun birthday party for Mom, cleaning, and house working--two unimpressed adults on the couch!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Fitness Friday Edition: food

Diet. It's a nasty word that has horrible connotations. In fact, I don't really like to hear it because to me, it has always meant that the people around me are eating things that have no taste and I have to endure it with them...and eat yummy things when they aren't around. Not really the best concept about food. I'm finding though, that diet must go hand and hand with fitness...and I'm choosing to focus on the nutrition word rather than the diet word.

This is my ideal image of a perfect evening. A salty sweet snack, creamer-ed up coffee, and a book or seven. Also, I'm madly and deeply in love with carbs...lots of them. And finally, proteins aren't my favorite. I don't really love meat. So, to have good nutrition and a balanced, getting for diet, my mindset is going to have to adjust.

Here's my plan. I am going to start the day with breakfast, that includes some protein. It may only be almonds in my cereal, but that's a step. Then, for lunch, I am going to stay under 500 calories. In that lunch, I need to incorporate at least one to two servings of "green". Finally, at night-portion is key. I'm working on cooking cleaner meals for supper. I.e. Fewer boxes and a fuller refrigerator. That being said, I'm not cutting the potatoes or pasta--simply trading it for whole grain and a smaller portion. I'm in a place where I don't need to lose weight, so I can be lenient with my diet-but nutrition is critical for even the most fit individuals.

The last part of my nutrition plan includes water-and lots of it! With the exercise I'm doing, I should be drinking 80-90 oz water each day. I'm fairly confident that I'm in the 30 ranger currently. :/ I'm going to track my water intake until I get better!

My husband is doing Beahbody's Shakeology challenge. It is helping him jump start into a more fit way of life. If you are interested in this jump start and lifestyle change, let me know and I can get you connected with a coach. Hopefully soon, cleaner eating and proper nutrition will soon be a better way of life and more than just a fitness Friday post!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dress for Success

My mom told me once, a long time ago, to always dress for success. When you have a big test, dress cute. A job interview? Put on a new shirt. Even a big run coming up-wear your newest running clothes. That being said, I often argue that I should dress how I feel! If I'm having a crummy day, I wear sweatpants.

My point? Does what I'm wearing actually have any effect whatsoever on my mood or performance? There have been countless studies on this topic in schools-uniforms vs individuality and I don't want to go there. My question is simply this-in day to day life, does the way I dress affect my productivity and attitude throughout the day. I wore a uniform for 8 years. My husband truly only saw me in non-PJs on date nights and at church...and I felt like life was just fine. Now that I get a choice every morning of what to put on, the constant urge is to wear yoga pants and a pony tail every day! However, I hear that nagging voice in my head "dress for success Megan"!  So...I try! 

I have a Pinterest board, I read Shaffer's blog and learn what I should wear when. It takes some of the effort away, but still I wonder if it really matters. If I get up, shower, and layer a cute military jacket over a t-shirt and skinny jeans with boots to go to the grocery store, do laundry, and write-am I more productive than if I had stayed in sweats? Honestly, I have yet to decide officially. I will say, though, that I can't bring myself to "bum" more than  a few hours of a day-I feel like I need to put on an outfit, otherwise I am not a productive member of society! I become just that girl who never for our of her PJs today...and well, my pride says NO to that. I assume my opinion may change when I have kids, or when I get over the freedom of choosing my outfit every day (what, no uniforms?!), but for now, I'm dressing for success! Join me?

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The dog days of...winter

We have a really good dog. His name is Moxie and he is a mutt, but he is a good dog. Moose has taught him so much-to obey, to do tricks, to follow sign language. I even like him. I mean, I'm still not an animal lover, but I will at least let him in the house! Trust me when I say this is an advancement in the kindness to animals department. My point, and I do have one, is that our dog has been in the school of bad dog lately.

This picture is the opposite of all things that have been going on:
That is my dog Moxie on the left. On the right is Satan himself. Actually, his name is Drake and he is my brother's dog. While I am grateful for my brother allowing Moose and me to stay at his house while ours is being fixed, the damage to our dog is  unfixable! Exhibit A:

This is what drake did to the cushion beside the pool a few months ago. This is the sort of dog who eats trees. Not sticks or branches, mind you, trees! So we thought Moxie may be a good influence on Drake (I.e. The first picture) however, it seems that our dog will never be the same. This my friends is what happened to the couch is Micah's storage building:

Yes, this is real life. If I were THAT person, I would #dogsofinstagram that sucker! I'm just saying ... Wow. Luckily, this is the couch that you stick in the building just in case someone wants to sit while outside shooting the bow or playing darts, or even for the comfort of the dogs on a really cold day. But this, this destruction is beyond what My dog would do! I wish I could get a picture of the scattered cushion looking like snow in the backyard, but alas, it is dark and I forgot when it was daytime. 

So, you may think that the couch is pretty awful, but not the worst thing ever. Well, the neighbors called the police because their dogs were attacked last week. And guess who they thought was the culprit!?  If you guessed Drake and Moxie, you get a gold star! Luckily, I could account for the fact that the dogs had (read: against our better judgement, but it WAS  really cold) slept inside the night before. The conversation went sort of like this:
Officer: do you have dogs
Me: yes
Officer: are they outside dogs that look like German Shepards?
Me: well, not really. Do you want to come look? Wait.  Why?
Officer: your neighbor's dog was attacked last night and they say your dogs bark a lot and are fairly destructive
Me: well, our dogs slept inside when my brother and husband got home last night. We actually don't all live here, but were staying here. Come, look and I will show you the DVD don't look like German Shepards. (Note the incessant rambling and too many details!)
Officer looks and assures neighbor that our dogs are innocent. 

Needless to say from these two incidents-Moxie is becoming more and more of an outside dog as the days go by. He may never get the privilege to sleep inside again. Now, I must go-I hear the back door opening, which means Moose is trying to sneak the dogs inside after the rest of is have gone to bed.........