Sunday, January 26, 2014

#savillelifeinpictures2014 week 4

Day 19: happy Sunday afternoon drive! 

Day 20: got to use this super awesome power tool! No one got hurt!

Day 21: came home to this picture. (I loved all the commentary about him not pointing the gun at himself!!!)

Day 22: don't let me paint your house! Messy, messy!

Day 23: one of my happy places-the basketball court. Love watching my sis play!

Day 24: I discovered my beastly qualities on this day when I ripped up this laminate all by myself. 

Day 25: wrapping up this week with a fun date night. 

I am loving documenting our lives in this way. It's so special and fun to look back already! I hope you're enjoying this snippet too. 

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