Thursday, May 17, 2018

Eva Kate's 1st Birthday Photo Session

Please feel free to skip this post if you don't want to see 53 pictures of my one year old. Grin. If I've said it once, I've said it 100 times. This blog is our digital scrapbook/baby book, etc. 

So, I like to document everything I possibly can on here so that we can bring it to recall later in life. Because, really, who wouldn't want to see these gems again?

In September, we had Mrs. Stacy do a one year old photo shoot for our girl. It was technically for cake-smashing purposes and for party invitations, but we snagged the opportunity to do some lovely snapshots as well.

Eva Kate's face was silly in some of the photos, but Mrs. Stacy captured so many of her expressions, and I never want to forget these days.

The farm background was lovely, and Miss Priss was so having fun with the flowers and the fence.

We brought "Aunt Mo" (or "Mo Mo" depending on the day) to help us with entertaining our sweet girl.

There were so many amazing shots that I just had to include them all ;)!

Peek-ee-boo, as Eva Kate says!

And here's miss silly!

We did a wardrobe change and set up a teepee area. We did a Wild ONE birthday party (I'll share soon) for Eva Kate and I wanted some cool pictures for the invitation. Most of this stuff came out of Eva Kate's room and Mrs. Stacy had the giant 1.

Allllll of the faces, yet again!

What, mom? You want me to smile?

Hey, I need to talk to that Moose back there!

Come and get it!

Then, we let our girl at the cake! I was not feeling buying two expensive smash we hit up Sam's for one that would match the decor. Little did we know that it had chocolate inside! haha!

Eva Kate was timid at first...

Getting a little more in to it...

And BOOM! Cake time!

Eva Kate was a trooper for an hour plus photo session at 11 months old, but I think I would be too if you promised me a whole cake to myself, right?

Ohhhhh yeah, man!

We stripped her down for some sweet baby pictures. I feel like these are the last pictures where she looks like a "baby" and then somehow she entered toddler mode without me even knowing it!

Yay! I did so great at my photo shoot!

This moose! lol..we have a picture every month between 0 and 1! It is so funny to see how she grows against this giant thing. It came from my friend Kelly and was Eva Kate's very first present!

Eva Kate sure does love being O-N-E!

And we love our sweet girl!