Sunday, January 19, 2014

#SavilleLifeInPictures Week 3

This week we got a ton done around the house, planned and executed my mom's birthday party and did the usual "nothing."

Day 12: Happy Birthday Dad...and Blake.

Day 13: Half Marathon training fully underway. Trying really hard to be faithful! (some days I really fail...)

Day 14: Working on discipleship curriculum all over Chelsea's den floor. Pretty sure she was having anxiety attacks the entire time.

Day 15: Representing the south in our monogrammed everything!

Day 16: So much work happened on this day. We laid floor and made lots of headway. Also, it was this woman's birthday! (mom!!!!)

Day 17: Date night with friends. I also dragged them all over town shopping after we ate.

Day 18: The result of a super fun birthday party for Mom, cleaning, and house working--two unimpressed adults on the couch!

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