Monday, January 7, 2019

The resolve to be a finisher

I'm a quitter from way back.
When things get difficult, I quit. When I realize I'm not very talented, I quit. When I just get over it, I quit.
Well, let's be super honest--that isn't a very good or Biblical way to live!

Over the past year, I've really focused on being a finisher. I completed several Bible studies, one of which was even entitled A Woman Who Doesn't Quit. Lol.

I really do feel like I've gleamed a few principles from these studies and am ready to pursue some realistic goals and processes in 2019.

I am trying to learn. Every day. How to balance "life" with "momlife" with "project life" and "work life" and "home life"...and well, it ain't easy. I fail a lot.
But I'm learning more and more that failure isn't a reason to quit. It is a reason to figure it out, regroup, and go again.

One of the things I've tried, failed, picked back up, tried, failed, and picked back up more times than I can count is this little piece of the internet. It seems I always come back here when I want to feel a little more grounded. I am again. I'm going to try to post two times a week and then a third "catchup" post. I need to fill in the gaps from my 2018. A lot happened that I want to remember, so here is where that will go.

As I start, I am going to remind myself that perfection is never the goal. Progress. Growth. Growing this little person God has entrusted to us. Keeping a house that is welcoming, but certainly not a museum (grin).... those things are the goal.
Learning to be a finisher.
Learning not to quit.
Really, that's my whole goal.
I have lots of mini goals, but mainly I want to be a woman who doesn't quit. I really do.

Let's be accountable in our little goals together. Let's not quit.