Saturday, June 19, 2021

Adoption T-Shirts

 Adoption Update: T-shirts!!!

Check out these super cute t-shirts that we are selling as an adoption fundraiser and to raise awareness of our adoption! 

There are two styles. I know this feels like a lot of detail for shirts, but I promise--people ask! 

Mauve, Heather Light Blue and Deep Teal

These three colors will be on the Bella Canvas 3001 shirt, which is a super soft 100% cotton shirt. These are pre-shrunk.

Heather Dark Gray and Violet

These two colors will be on Anvil 980 shirts, which (I promise) is also super soft and the heather dark gray is a cotton/poly blend, where violet is 100% cotton. They are also pre-shrunk. 

If you want to order, fill out this form HERE! 

We'll place the order when we return from Hawaii on July 2nd.

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Throwback Thursday - Eva Kate's 2nd Birthday

 You I've sort of begun this blog revival for the purpose of keeping up with our adoption, I realize that the best time to keep up with a blog is when you're pregnant, have an infant, or adopting. You have so much fun stuff to share that it never gets old! 

On the other hand, when you are in the throes of everyday life, you forget to share things. So, for a little while on Thursdays, I'm going to do some throwback posts, sharing things in our lives that have happened over the past 3-4 years that I didn't document but don't want to forget! 

We've done a combined birthday party for the girls each year from 2 on. Margaret Berry so graciously does the CUTEST photos for them and we use them for the invitation and decor. 

In 2018, we did tea for two turning two!

I love designing the invitations and making them special for our girlies!

We had the best little tea party themed party at the church with all of our people.

What a fun throwback! Two was such a sweet age and I'm loving these little memories.

Monday, June 14, 2021

Life Lately - May 2021


Goodness. the past month or so has been a complete whirlwind! I feel like we have been on the go more than we have been home, as well as doing summer ministry prep, finishing up the school year, and working hard on adoption items. It has been full tilt! After a year of VERY low key, minimal schedule, it honestly feels really good to be back at it.

We took a little trip at the beginning of May to watch Morgan and her team run at Conference. The race was at Western Carolina, so we spent a really pretty weekend in the mountains and enjoyed watching the track meet. 

Technically, fans weren't allowed in the stands area, but we were able to go right next to the fence. Because of this, the parking lots were wide open and there was no "in/out" gate. We picnicked in the parking lot and had a really fun time! 

We came home from Conference and the very next weekend, we took off to Canton to visit Moose's family. We had a low key weekend of fellowship with the Savilles. 

EK showed off her reading skills to her Aunt Angela and we also hiked down to the "big creek" behind Moose's house. 

We got to meet baby Hayden. Eva Kate is totally smitten! A few days after our first meeting, we got to go back and watch him while his parents went on a little lunch date. It has been so fun to hang out with a baby :) 

Aunt Mack convinced the whole family to go to the Anderson County Fair! We had an absolute blast! We took Morgan's college roommate (she was headed home the very next day) and just had a fun Friday night. The girls both won a competition with the pig races, we rode rides, and we ate fair food. Such fun! 

We took off again for a one day trip to see the Saville cousins for Grace's birthday. 

We came home, went to church on Sunday, and then re-packed the car for a quick Dollywood trip. We wanted to make this trip during a "school week" so that it wouldn't be as crowded. The little girls skipped Monday and Tuesday and we had such a good time with Melly, Pop, and Mack!  
...and when I say such a good time... most of us truly enjoyed it. Eva Kate is roller-coaster-averse. Or maybe petrified. Or maybe just a weenie. I'm not sure. Nonetheless, she enjoyed the carousel and scrambler and screamed her head off on everything else :) I'm hoping she grows out of this! grin

The day after we got back from Tennessee was this little bug's last day of 4K! 
She had a graduation program that night and OH MY WORD at how big she seems.
It happens in a blink.

Truly, the difference between her ability at last year's performance vs this years was remarkable. So much growth in this sweet year. 

We've spent LOTS of time hanging out with our sweet friends and family over the course of this month. These are our people and the best of times. 

And we've spent LOTS of hours at the church! From entertaining themselves while mom and Melly and the "crew" all work...

to doing Dominican Projects....

to doing work for CCA (our Christian School that is expanding on the already established preschool at our church) Click here for info if you need a school for k2 to 2nd grade! 

to doing more mission projects for local missions...

to getting back in to college Bible study mode...

We LOVE church summers. We just surely do! I know that the next few months are going to get even crazier, but it is just the best of times. So, we'll hold on and enjoy the ride!

Thats a little bit of our life lately :)