Monday, March 17, 2014

Wake up and go

In my sub class a couple of weeks ago, they told us "we will call you at 7:30 some mornings. If you want work be ready." So, we all giggled and packed up our cute notebooks and went on with our lives. 

This morning, though, I get a text at 7:25. And remember, I'm still struggling with this daylight savings time thing. It's stinky. I try to get up between 7:30-8, but no alarms are really holding me to it. Anywho, the text said, "I have a sub availability in 8th grade. Can you be here? Homeroom starts at 7:50" well, why the heck not?! Lol! This girl was up, dressed (in green), lunch packed, and out the door in 10 minutes flat. I made it! My sister mentioned in first block (bc yes, I had my sister in class today-but she was a great sport) that my hair was looking "a little ratchet", but I'll take it! 

Here's what I learned-some days don't exactly go as planned! My 4 loads of laundry are still unfolded. I called my mom and dad and got them to do a few favors for me that had to be accomplished today (like selling a gazebo on Craig's list for me...a story for another day), and I moved on. Other things can wait. We must learn in this life to be flexible. Substitute teaching is step one in getting me there. Just crossing my fingers I don't get a 7:30 call every day this week....but I may shower at 7 from now on just in case!

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