Tuesday, March 25, 2014

So we bought a truck

...and I know that is not nearly as exciting as "We Bought A Zoo," which is where my mind went as I wrote that title. (Just a snapshot at how Yours Truly is wired.) 

Over the past few months, Moose and I have been looking for a truck for him. We didn't desperately need a car, but had just paid off some credit card debt and were looking for a way to spend a chunk of money each month and saving seemed too easy. I kid. Both of our cars were high mileage (mine wins at 240,000, but I digress), and we knew that cars are going to need replacing over the course of the next few years. Our goal is one car payment (or none) at a time, so we flipped a coin and Moose won out. As it were, he actually won out because a Toyota Celica is apparently not the most practical car for a 6+ foot grown man. My brother likes to say it's a car better suited for a 16 year old girl. We loved the gas mileage...but that's where it ended. 

I would get approximately 46 emails a day with trucks in a varying degree of price, color, model, etc. Therefore, I set some parameters. I'll share:
-4 door (I feel the need to have capacity to transport people at all times)
-Running Boards (or as I've learned...step bars...because dresses + tall trucks)
-at or less than 100,000 miles (never driven a car in that world!)
-at or less than $13,000

Apparently, I asked for a truck sent by God Himself, but I didn't know how difficult these parameters would be to meet! We looked at several thousand trucks (not exaggerating) in a 100 mile radius and came to an endpass. Moose loved the Chevy Avalanche (gag) and I wanted a Ford or Dodge. I'm just not a Chevy girl. 

We went to test drive a Dodge Ram yesterday when on the way, a family friend who happens to be a car dealer, text me. He had two trucks that were in or close to our range and wanted to know if we wanted to drive them. Odd, I thought, that he would randomly text when we were test driving and falling in love with a Dodge Ram (but not THAT Dodge Ram). Coincidentally, one of the trucks he had was a newer and nicer Ram with lower miles. We drove to Spartanburg...just to look. And two hours later, left with this gem:

Truly, to me, an answer to prayer. God cares about the little things-including the fact that I was on the brink of crazy if I got another email with, "what do you think of these five?" Also, that Moose and I were in total agreement over this truck is nothing short of amazement. We both tend to be fairly opinionated about....well, life. 

Here we are saying bye to Penelope the Celica one last time:

So, no zoo.....but a new truck that for all of my criteria. It feels like a win to me!

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