Monday, March 3, 2014

Hebrews Recap: Week 3

I'm back home, so hopefully, I will get back on track with publishing everyday! Today, though, is our Hebrews recap for the week!

Our Bible Study last night began with a sweet prayer time. I had truly missed these women and their hearts! We moved into a discussion about the homework and really differentiated between Christ and others who had gone before Him. He is our true high priest who mediates between us and His father. He is like none other because He has never sinned. What a joy that was to think about!

We then went into our lesson portion, where we focused on Hebrews 5 and 6. We heard the pastor say “GROW UP!” But, he uses the phrase pheromai.  “Let us go on to maturity” in Greek is pheromai, which means Let Us Be Carried On. The implication here is that we can’t make it on our own. So, he’s not saying pull yourself up by your bootsraps. He’s saying, Let God carry you forward. 1 Cor 1:26-31 continues in this thought.  The concept is that it’s all about the supremacy of Jesus.
There are often hills and battles that we can’t overcome on our own; so, take heart! Jesus will carry you into maturity and over the hills.

After chastising them, he commends them for their love. He says, though you need to mature some more—I see your love and grace.

The last section of chapter 6, verses 13-20 talk about the curtain being torn. In order to understand what in the world is going on here, we need to read Matthew 27:45-54! Now—if you write in your bible, jot Hebrews 6 beside vs. 51! I know that the curtain is the separation in the temple that separates the Holy of Holies from the rest of the temple. Do you remember what was in there? The Ark of the Covanent! The word ark in Heberw actually means box. The group did such a great job remembering their Old Testament history and remembering what was in the box and about the Holy of Holies!
Do you remember what was in the box?
            Jar of Manna, Aaron’s staff, and pieces of stone tablets
Do you remember who got to go in the Holy of Holies and when?
            High priest/rope/sacrifices …during yom kippor
That is the only time the curtain was allowed to be open. BUT…during the crucifixion, that curtain was torn in two. What is so significant about this Matthews passage that has to do with Hebrews 6? That curtain was HUGE! It took over 300 priests to move and hang that curtain. That is the exact specifications for the US flag that is hanging over Ground Zero! It was as thick as a man’s hand and weighed several thousand pounds. Guys—that happened at 3p.m. with priests standing there. Can you imagine their response? Well…they believed in Christ!
In your book, it reminds us that the curtain ripped from top to bottom. It implies that God himself did the rending!
The point of Hebrews 6 that we see evidences of in Matthew is this:

We have access to our redeemer because Jesus himself  tore down that separation between us and God. We don’t have to have one person go to God for us once a year. We have access to scoot closer to our redeemer. Jesus is our firm anchor who holds us secure in the fiercest of storms. There are no words that can describe the supremacy and greatness of our King…the king who ripped the curtain so that he could get a little closer and love a little deeper with us.

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