Sunday, March 16, 2014

#SavilleLifeInPictures2014 week 11

Day 68: it was a beautiful day for a run! My S-I-L challenged me to sign up for a 10K with her on March 28th, so I've got motivation again!

Day 69: Sister Selfie at the JV soccer game. My brother is the coach, help us all!

Day 70: Sporting events literally every night this week...and we don't even have kids playing! (Or kids at all)

Day 71: enjoying a little downtime with a bath and a book :)

Day 72: Running the clock at our second soccer game of the week. Press box views are the best. 

Day 73: perfect Friday night recipe includes girl scout cookies, a blanket, and good friends. 

Day 74: PF Chang's for the win to round out this super fun week. 

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