Monday, March 31, 2014

That time a dog broke in

Moose and I were out of town Friday and Saturday. When we got home Saturday night, the back door was closed, the front door was wide open, and we were nerve wracked. Also, our dog was inside (we had left him in the back yard).

I called my mom to make sure she hadn't come by, Moose grabbed his gun and started looking around. We realized that all of electronics were there, as well as our stuff. But, then, I realized my Bible, Jamaica print and some piles of things on the end table were gone. As I was declaring the missing items to my mom on the phone, she kept telling me to look for "what else had to be gone!" Moose was wandering as though he couldn't understand. Finally, we opened the back door and began to understand. 

Moxie (the dog) had pushed open the back door and come in! He usually hides in the gazebo when we leave him out and it rains. Since I sold the gazebo, he didn't have anywhere to go. Apparently, he decided to come inside! Normally, when he's inside, Moxie will play with his toys and wander around. He is a generally good dog. This weekend, however, was a different story! My Bible, Bible Study book, journal, a print we bought on our honeymoon, a box of tissues, and our remote control were in the collection of items he dragged outside. (Of course, all of it was mine!!!)

Our TV Remote

We pulled the car around back to shine lights on the back yard and collect the goods. Surprise-Moxie ran out the gate at this time. While I cleaned the back yard and inventoried all of our yucky items, Moose anxiously went on a dog hunt. 

Ultimately, we are grateful there were no actual burglars and Moxie's opening of the back door allowed the wind gusts to open the front door. While my "missing" things were all sentimental, the real loss was minimal. After Moxie came home, spent another night outside!!! I'm sure Moose has let him in by now; I'm still angry! Fear + the realization that our "good dog" had hauled off a pile of my thigs will do that to a girl. 
My vote: outside dog for life! 
Moose's vote: forgive and forget. 

I have a feeling I'm not going to win this one.....

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