Sunday, February 2, 2014

#savillelifeinpictures Week 5

Day 26: I had a special happy birthday message from google. And lots and lots of sweet friends. I'm so grateful for all of the birthday wishes. 

Day 27: super busy day=super yummy (and unhealthy) supper!

Day 28: the snow began to fall in SC!

Day 29: snow day; play day! No work, just fun for us!

Day 30: my most anticipated remodel day! Cabinets!!! If you're looking for a cabinet person, let me know--I can hook you up!

Day 31: driving to Great Wolf Lodge with some cuties! Fourth grade friends for the win!

Day 32: just a typical day at the water park with 30 of my closest friends! Love. :)

House update: by next week, we will be HOME!!!!

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