Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hebrews Recap: Week 2

This week's Hebrews Bible Study recap is brought to you by Chelsea!

I'll be back tomorrow with a recap of our tour of New England, and I'll be back next week to writing Bible Study recaps. 

Chelsea writes:
We began our small group with a weekly recap. This week  was all about considering jesus in our relationships and in every aspect of our lives. We discussed being corrected and in what ways we felt we were able to correct others effectively and what words or attitudes are we able to accept correction from. Most of our conversation revolved around confronting other believers genuinely and out of love in order to allow them to "scoot closer to Jesus." This particularly convicted me as confrontation is so difficult, however; God calls us to speak truth in love. Our discussed moved to when do we tend to draw nearer to the Lord. Our obvious answer was "in the difficult times," but we also considered the extreme importance of drawing near to Jesus at all times.

Part two of our discussion was the weeks video discussion. This weeks focus was on resting in Jesus. God himself modeled resting for us, therefore; we should feel no guilt in resting ourselves. 

This week we had such a sweet time of fellowship. Im so thankful to get to grow and learn with such an awesome group of ladies. We were each given a name of another lady kn iur group this week and were challenged to pray that they find rest in Jesus this week. 

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