Thursday, February 6, 2014

Fitness Friday. Edition: H2O

Water is crucial. If you're looking to lose a few easy pounds, trade your liquid calories for water. If you want to increase your athletic ability, ensure you are drinking 75-100 oz of water each day. It's a big deal.

Most people in America today are dehydrated, but not often thirsty. Sodas, sports drinks, and tea do not thoroughly hydrate. Water is really the only option. It helps your muscles work properly and your food digest properly. Most systems occurring inside your body require water. We aren't getting enough! 

Especially in the winter, it is so important to monitor water intake. An average person should drink 75-100 oz of water daily! Someone doing major activity should increase that number. I learned recently that we are more likely to be dehydrated and perform worse in the winter than the summer. The reasoning is twofold. First, we don't feel as hot and therefore don't drink like we need to. Second, the air is much drier and so we lose water due to evaporation when breathing. I read that we often lose a liter of water a day in the winter just by breathing. 

So-you're welcome for the sciency background, but honestly, it shows just how crucial that little bottle can be. Find a bottled water brand you love (dasani, for me), buy a Brita and Nalgene (I only had 6 when they were a fad in college), or just pour a cup of good ole tap water. However you choose to find it-measure what you drink and challenge yourself. My current challenge is no non-water beverage until I reach 64 oz first. Then, I can have that glass of tea I crave or a small cup of coffee. It works for me. Try it!

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