Wednesday, February 26, 2014


So, this weekend I got to do something that I've wanted to do my whole life: go to Maine in the winter! 

My grandpa is from Maine and he took my dad's family vacationing there often when my dad was young.  My dad carried on the tradition with us, and every other summer, we went to Maine. Moose and Chelsea have joined the tradition. I love it. Because I am, first, nostalgic, and second, a traditionalist, it's my favorite place to go. Moose and I got engaged there, even; our wedding favors were balsam sachets from there, wtc. 

This weekend-several trainers and I ventured to Maine! (By way of NH)

I saw snow deeper than I had ever before experienced:

We saw Portland Head Light in the snow. (One of my absolute favorite places). 

While at Portland Head, we saw people sledding down a major major hill. So, we did what every respectable southern group of girls would do: ask a family to borrow their sleds for "one quick turn!"

Major air on a sled jump:

And my favorite part of Maine:
We ate lobster!!!

It was a fantastic mini trip and I'm so glad we got to go!

Stay tuned. Tomorrow, I'm writing about how God will give you the desires of your heart...and change your passions along the way. 

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