Friday, February 14, 2014

Fitness Friday. Edition: Pace

It's here! Marathon weekend!

I really didn't have a plan for tomorrow. Honestly, my gut said I was going to go out, run until I had nothing left and then slow way down until the end. Alas, that isn't the best plan. 

My friend Tyler told me on Sunday that I need to start a little slower than I had thought, run that for 5/6 miles, and then speed up. I felt like that was counterintuitive, so I researched it. He's right. 

The pace concept that I really liked is one I've read several places. It goes by color. Yellow-Orange-Red. Basically, you run at a yellow for 5-7 miles. That's a run where you could easily speak a couple of sentences to those around you. The , at the halfway point (ish), you gear up to an orange. Orange would be heavier breathing, but still a comfortable running pace (race pace). And finally, with less than 3 miles to go, you go into red mode. Run hard. Try to pass people and get the thig over with! Apparently, if you've been training (which, I have...though with not as much dedication as others), this strategy gives you optimal results. 

So, we are headed to Myrtle and getting ready to run! If you really get the urge, you can download the MB Marathon app from the apple or google play store, type in my first and last name and track me live. We will definitely be using that app to track my brother in the full marathon!

Wish us luck!!!

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