Monday, February 10, 2014

Morning routine

I promised a couple weeks back that I was working on a morning routine that works for me. I have found that following this routine had helped me "get in the groove," but that there are some things I'm sure I'm missing.  Here goes rough draft 1:
Wake up
Make bed
Fold laundry in dryer & move laundry to dryer
Put away dishes
Open blinds (thanks Shannon and Mom)
Morning Bible Study
Make Up and Dry Hair

The whole thing takes me about an hour. If I'm honest, there are about 15 minutes between wake up and restroom where I read blogs and check Instagram, but I'm not out of bed yet. :)

Also-I've been closing my blinds, starting a load of laundry, and starting the dishwasher at night to prep for the next morning. I'm able to keep the house tidy in this way. 

I think I should probably add one cleaning task to each morning on a rotating basis i.e. Clean bathrooms, sweep and mop, etc etc. But-I don't like the whole routine taking much longer than it already does. I'm debating that part. 

Also, I know I should eat breakfast and it is the most important meal and etc etc. If I do eat, I eat while I'm doing my Bible time. 

Here's what I've learned:
-the whole routine thing works no matter when you get up as long as you allot for the appropriate amount of time before your day begins. For example, if I have plans at 8, I get up at 6:45. If I have plans at 9, I get up at 7:45. Etc. 
-do It every day. Otherwise, you get backed up and beat yourself up. If you skip a step, pick it back up sometime before bed rather than doing double the next day. The only thing worse than folding laundry is folding double the laundry!
-that's it so far. Though, a two-bullet list seems silly. 

Do you have a morning routine? What is it?

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