Saturday, December 20, 2014

Tour of (my) Homes

This year, our church's Women's Ministry sponsored a tour of homes. I was in the planning committee and offered my home as one of the host homes.

How it works: we travel in groups of 10-15 to different church members' homes. This year we had 6 homes! 

Some of my favorite things I saw that weren't at my own house: 

And on to my house. Beware, this is going to be the longest post ever with tons of pictures. 

Mom and I did a lot of new things in my house this year. I was thrilled with how it turned out. If there were a theme to my house, I might would dub it "deco mesh meets glitter". Hahaha! 

If you want to know where I got something-good luck! We have a fun store called "The Christmas Tree Shoppe" in Greenville where a lot of things came from this year. Otherwise, it's a huge conglomerate of wherever was having the best deal...or home made! 

The outside:

View from the front door. 

My living room was decked out in wedding theme things. Our wedding was 12-11-10, so we had TONS of Christmasy touches. Our colors were green, blue, and peacock, so we have lots of those touches left. I added the wedding photos in the tree, and several of the sit-around things.

We gave out these Balsam sachets as favors at our wedding; I adore my grandparents' home state of Maine and it is also where Moose and I got engaged. These balsam "pouches," if you will, are the perfect connection to Christmas and to Maine! I had lots left over, so we gave them out to the ladies who visited our home.

My kitchen table may be one of my favorite spaces. (I'm probably going to say that a lot). My dad bought the china at an auction and it matched my Chrstimastime pieces that I had from our wedding. The centerpiece is just a huge glass vase with apples, oranges, and cranberries. So easy, but so festive!

All of our Christmas cards hanging between the kitchen and the hallway.

Our main bathroom has several "touches" of Christmas. I love the sparkly reindeer and the moose towel!

These are just dollar store ornaments that I hung from the shower hooks.

Our guest bedroom.
I hung stockings at the foot of the bed, put up a balsam sachet tree, and hung a printable banner that I cut out.

My room. We didn't do a ton in here, but I hung the prettiest garland (Michael's--70% off) on our headboard, tossed some Christmas pillows around, and put a baby tree on Moose's dresser.

My office may be the room I'm proudest of. We had begun to empty this room when we found out we were having a baby, so it basically had a bookshelf and a desk (oops). I turned the bookshelf on its side to make a bench, hung some artwork, and mom made the coolest ornaments for this tree. She cut a log into 1" thick pieces and we mod podged "woodland animals" on it!

This pillow was in the dollar spot at target! I chopped some cedar from the back yard and filled this basket. 

I used presents as decor! 

More cedar.

I even decorated our Jack-and-Jill bathroom!

The den. I love this room for how cozy and happy it always is.

Sweet treats set out on the oven for the visitors. I love my hand towels; Family Dollar special!

Popcorn drizzled with white chocolate; peppermint M & M's thrown in for extra pizzaz.

My mom made cider. Y'all. It's apple juice and Savannah's Cinnamon (Found at LifeWay). SOOO Easy, but SOOO yummy!

I wanted to do a close up on some of my favorite ornaments from my trees: 

(Warning-we're almost done...sort of)

The wooden circles mom made for our office tree and some strips of burlap just tucked in:

Balsam sachets decking out the guest bedroom tree:

My living room tree might be my favorite touch! I printed 4x6 prints of my wedding photos and put them in cheap silver frames. I then tucked them in throughout the tree.

Some fun ornaments from my den tree:
It it says "Our first Christmas," we have it. It is a product of getting married in December!

A Jamaica wreath from our honeymoon, Our First Christmas, and Josefina (the American Girl)

I LOVE this "Mrs. Moose" ornament and the "O Come Let Us Adore Him" ornament.

Definitely our most dramatic "Our First Christmas" ornament--wedgewood. Moose and I wrap this one up every year ;)

I took our Christmas cards from the past several years, clipped them with mini clothes pins and hung them throughout our tree. It is such a fun way to look back at how people have changed!

Congratulations! You made it!!!!
Thank you for "touring" my home. I love decorating it for each season and it is special to be able to share it with you. 

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