Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Friend Party and Live Nativity

I've mentioned once or 500 times that our friends are one of my favorite things about this stage of life. We are truly blessed with one of the most fun friend groups around. Every year (this is year three), we have gotten together for a Christmas Party. The first year we had a boys vs girls board game-off. The boys won. The second year, we had a Scavenger hunt. The boys cheated...and won (okay, so they didn't exactly cheat; they simply bent the rules). This year, we had a more clearly outlined scavenger hunt...and the boys won again. It makes my heart sad, but I enjoy the activities anyway! (Sort of)

This year, we added the fun twist of having the entire Christmas party in our PJ's! So fun :) 

We ate lots of yummy appetizers and desserts! Trust me, the ten of us ate every bit of this stuff.

We played a riveting game of Guesstures (which, of course-the boys won), and then took some super fun pictures together. 

Last, but certainly not least was our annual gift exchange. We did a "$25 Date" as an exchange this year. I was very proud of what I came up with. The boys get together each week and watch The Walking Dead, so...

I made a Zombie Survival Kit! The "Date" itself was a shooting range practice package. So fun!

Other gifts included an at-home movie marathon, PF Changs, a movie date night, and a Frankie's Fun Park night. I love my friends and how creative they all are!


My same group of people signed up the following Sunday to cast our church's Live Nativity in the Williamston Spring Water Park. We filled most of the spots for the whole evening. It was so fun to do something together that points out to the community what Christmas is truly about. Jesus is the reason for our celebrations and it is so nice to point the attention to Him.

I love traditions and doing silly things with these people all the time, but it is even better at Christmas.

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