Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Family Photos Roberts and Saville style

Thanksgiving week, we experienced family pictures with BOTH the Roberts and the Savilles. Some would say that this is a unique form of torture, but I happen to be all about the festivities of Christmas photo taking!

The Roberts have been taking Christmas photos for Christmas cards for literally my whole life. We've done coordinating sweaters, pictures at parks, laying on name it, we've used it as our family picture. We try to get more and more creative each year because, well, duh! No Christmas card is worth anything if it's not better than last year's lol :)

This year, we had an ironic encounter a few weeks prior to picture day that led to one of the best pictures ever! A gentleman drove this super cute antique truck to my parents' yard sale and mom declared that she had to have it for family pictures. The ironic part is that he is actually the son-in-law of a church member, so dad had the contact info of the man!

Well, our gracious photographer (Margaret) came, the truck came...and less than 30 minutes later we had the following:

Margaret says we're pretty photogenic. I think it is just that we've done it for so long, we realize that we can sit and smile quickly and end up finished so much faster! If mom doesn't get one she's pleased with, we do it all it is best to make mama happy! I love the way they turned out.

Saville pictures were a mere 5 days later. Whitney, Angela, and I decided to gift the Saville parents with an official photography session. The last one we had as a family was missing several kiddos and was no longer our "complete" family. We scheduled it, planned wardrobes and told them the night before. They were so excited!

We got up on Saturday morning and met our photographer, Kam, who is a precious friend of the Savilles. Minor problem: text messaging auto correct sent the wrong location to, we waited for about 20 minutes while Kam and her husband waited at a different location. Oops! After fixing the location mix up, we had a great time. The pictures took a little longer than Roberts photos; however, we were hanging out with an 18 month old, a 2 year old, and a 4.5 year old! We ended up with some phenomenal pictures, like these:

Both sets of family photos turned out so great! I couldn't be more pleased with what we got.

We dressed in coordinating, but not "matching" outfits in both groups. We tried to make sure each couple had a pattern, and each family chose 2-3 colors to focus around. We then mix and matched styles to make a coordinating photo without looking too matchy matchy. Both sets of pictures will fit beautifully in my house and created some awesome Christmas Cards. I was thrilled with the results!

If you live in the Atlanta area, you should contact Kam at If you're a SC local, Margaret Berry can be contacted on FB. Love them both for their unique styles and adaptability to our families' unique requests!!!

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