Monday, December 15, 2014

#SavilleLifeInPictures2014. Weeks 48 & 49

Day 327: home! In the torrential downpour! Glad for visits with family, but love to be HOME!

Day 328: DWTS finale. Camped out in front of the TV. 

Day 329: spent my week in 7th grade and can't help but chuckle at their humor. "Because when you say it slowly, it sounds like bust her butt!" 

Day 330: got Micah and Chelsea's Christmas tree up! It is only 12 feet tall, after all!

Day 331: thanksgiving! Ours was full of food, family, naps, and shopping. It's the beginning of my favorite season!

Day 332: our Black Friday concluded in Charlotte with family. Getting ready for Footlocker with family. 

Day 333: really enjoyed myself at Footlocker regionals. So proud of Morgan and all of the Palmetto XC kiddos who ran!

Day 334: our friends are the best! Love that we enjoy doing nothing together. 

Day 335: ice cream and Christmas lights for a fun weeknight treat. 

Day 336: my view for the night! Love the lady Mustangs!!! 

Day 337: Apparently my car battery grew blue gunk...which is unhealthy! This resulted in me needing rides and a lunch. Thanks mom for cutting the edges from my PBJ. :)

Day 338: this is how my silly hubby felt about being at church for practice on this night!

Day 339: basketball is literally my favorite thing. 

Day 340: Starbucks Selfie! 

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