Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas has come and gone

We had such a fun Christmas week! We went from here to there and back again, but it was all worth it to have the experiences and fun that we had!

We started the week off with a trip to Grammy and Jim's annual Christmas Bash! We ate yummies and played Christmas charades/pictionary. I'm sad to report I was on the loser team (I SO hate to lose!) My consolation prize had a big fat L on the envelope and I totally threw the evidence away immediately. To make things worse, Moose was on the winning team.

The next night, the Roberts went out for our first Jammy Cocoa Christmas. I think if we do this in the future, we will find several neighborhoods that go all out for Christmas rather than looking for that one show stopping house.
 Waiting in line at Starbucks. Famous last words by mom: You'll never see anyone you know...
Friends from our former church were less than 5 feet from us. All we hear is, "Micah! Hey!" and then "You're in your pajamas..." hahaha! So, we had to explain Jammie Cocoa Christmas to her really quickly! (Basically, you don your PJs, get coffee/cocoa--you must go IN for it, and drive around and look at Christmas lights).

On Christmas Adam (the day before Christmas Eve, duh), we waited in this beautiful weather in traffic for over an hour to get to my In Laws for Saville Family Christmas.

The stockings were hung... (I made these stockings last year. I feel the need to brag because it is one of my only sewing accomplishments).

Christmas Eve morning, we wake up and pretend it is Christmas morning at the Saville house. With three under 5, this is always a little lot chaotic!

So, afterward, some of us settled down for a nap.

And others of us actually got naps.

We took a group photo.

And then Moose and I were off to the next charade.

My parents house on Christmas Eve is one of my favorite traditions. We all open one gift (SURPRISE-it is PJs). Then, we are sent to rooms to buckle down and sleep so that Santa can come. So far, my brother, his wife, Moose, and I have always stayed over on Christmas Eve night. I love it!

Christmas morning with 11 is always a little crazy...but so fun!

I had to capture this picture of Micah. He is wearing a bathrobe, puffer vest, and beanie. He got our mom's gene of having to put your gift on immediately after opening it!!!

We got lots of fun goodies and had a great time just hanging out with family.

Moose and I gifted one another a new TV for our den. It was a great value and so much better than trying to come up with something that neither of us really needed!

Finally, to round up the week, we hit the road once again and headed back to Atlanta to celebrate Moose's grandmother's 80th birthday with his family. His uncle and family were in the States from England, his Grandmother was in Atlanta, and the rest of his family lives in the area, so we made the trip down to see everyone.

The only (Slightly Stalker) picture I got of the night:

I hope you had the BEST Christmas and were able to spend much needed time relaxing with family and friends. 

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