Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring Break Adventures

Even though I'm not still in school, my world still sort of runs in the school schedule. My sisters are still school aged, my brother and SIL teach, my inlaws run on a school schedule, etc so it just makes sense. Last week, I had a break between grand openings and it just so happened to be spring break as well! I filled the week with so many adventures. :)
On Monday, I shopped for Easter outfits and got to spend time with my friend Christine and her (now) two kiddos! 

Tuesday was my "boring" day! I did so much laundry and cleaned the house. 

On Wednesday, I hung out with Kelly K and borrowed some of her camping things, then my "Paul and Timothy" discipleship partner and I met, and finally Kelly A and I sewed a lot of pillowcase dresses for a Haitian orphanage. It was a crazy busy day!!! I was planning on finishing my house and packing for a fun trip that night, but I ran out of time!

For the weekend, Micah and Chelsea, Tyler and Andi, and Bryan and Shannon, and Moose and I headed out on a fantastic camping adventure!
Micah said we have too much stuff for one weekend! Do you agree? Haha

Beautiful scenery at Lake Jocassee. 

We all relaxed in ENO hammocks several times! The boys even slept in theirs. 

Setting up! T needed some extra hammock help. 

We had so much yummy campfire food:

We were able to hang out by the water:

It rained dreadfully in the night on Friday. I wasn't feeling well, we had a 7 month pregnant lady, and 4 men who were determined to sleep in hammocks, but we all worked together to create some shelters and have a wonderful time! 

I'm so grateful for a group of friends in the same stage of life as Moose and me. 

To top off Spring Break, we had Easter lunch at my parents with my whole family, the Clems, and the Berrys. We've sort of adopted the church staff as our extended family. Love. :) 

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