Monday, April 21, 2014

#SavilleLifeInPictures2014. Weeks 15 and 16

Because I took a little spring break hiatus, I have two weeks of Saville Life to share with the blog world. Week 15:
Day 96: we hosted a baby shower for our sweet friend Andi and Baby Liam!

Day 97: stayed up way too late watching the National Championship Game

Day 98: had to get some liquid energy because of day 97's events! Working Grand Openig Hours is tiring!

Day 99: literally, my side view mirror is gone. #ohspartanburg

Day 100: I am so grateful to have had the ability to hang out with this guy a little extra on this week! Laying around, catching up on TV, and doing nothing!

Day 101: Subbed at the Middle School on this day and got to see this sweet girl play basketball against the teachers. She was the only girl who played. #nobigdea

Day 102: bonfire with friends; let spring break begin! 

Week 16:
Day 103: started a super over-ambitious project with our small group on this day! We began making pillow case dresses for Shannon to take with her on a mission trip to Haiti this summer!

Day 104: got to hang out with this cutie and meet her new brother, Levi. (And got to spend some quality time with her Mama!)

Day 105: it's a glamorous life, but somebody's gotta do it! Laundry!!!

Day 106: this was a super busy day, but it ended with sewing with my sweet friend Kelly, playing catch up on dresses!

 Day 107: we got to celebrate this guy's birthday with a whole day of fun! I love my husband! 

Day 108: friend spring break camping trip! So much fun that I don't have the space to share here. I'll be recapping soon!

Day 109: came home from our short little trip and had our Salt and Pepper group at our house. (It is a multigenerational 'supper club' that our church does). So much fun with all of these different friends. 

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