Sunday, April 27, 2014

#SavilleLifeInPictures. Week 17

Day 110: happy Easter from the Savilles. Moose was not too thrilled about my overly southern hat! 

Day 111: Ty Yokum at Dedication Dinner in Voorhes. Still my favorite part of grand Openig week. 

Day 112: thanks so much, hotel maid, for findin my missing earring! I wore just one all day...oops!

Day 113: having a little fun in the kitchen in Voorhees!

Day 114: chipotle burrito + cfa cheese sauce = perfect fuel for a long day!

Day 115: so proud that I accomplished this French braid/messy bun combo instead of my typical work ponytail! 

Day 116: definitely volunteered to get bread from the truck today in order to enjoy a few minutes of sunshine! 

Also, don't judge my work theme this week! It was a crazy and fun grand opening week!

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