Sunday, April 6, 2014

God will move

You can never predict how or when God is going to move in a group. You can never predict how your message or teaching is going to come across. You never know. You just have to rely on God and let Him move. We've been really learning and focusing on this concept in our Wednesday night Bible Study and I saw the truth in it! We've been talking about the Holy Spirit and how sometimes He wants us to be unscripted and just let Him move! 

This week was just insane for me and I was in charge of both Sunday School and PM Small Group this week. It was starting to stress me and by Saturday, my plan was as follows:
1-prewatch our Sunday School video and prep some discussion questions for it. 
2-be ready to show our Small Group video with the group; if the Lord leads to a good discussion-great, if not, that's ok too and we will fellowship some more!

I felt sort of disappointed after Sunday School. I felt like there wasn't much discussion and that I was unable to keep people engaged. However, after talking to several people in our class, it apparently was very good and they got a lot out of it. So glad that God spoke when I didn't have words. 

Then, Small Group came around and I had watched about 2 minutes of the video. We watched it as a group and discussion was slow starting. However, by the end several people had shared personal testimonies, encouraged one another, and I was able to teach some thigs that had been dear to my heart about Lordship of Christ and Security in Salvation. None of this was planned, but the Holy Spirit moved. 

What I've learned through this day is that it's not up to me. I don't get to plan when God will move. Sometimes my scripted plans end up going differently than I anticipated. Other times, I plan nothing and God plans things. It's good. We need to rely on Him to plan, not just consult Him with our plans! I'm so grateful to have seen God's hand our our groups today. 

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