Friday, April 4, 2014

Fitness Friday. Edition: We Ran a 10k

Last Friday night, Moose, my sister Morgan and I loaded up our new truck and took it on it's first road trip. 

We headed down to Ga to meet up with Moose's family and my SIL Whitney. Three of us were going to run a 10k the next morning. The rest were just ready for some fun family time! Friday night was dreary, and we feared the worst for Saturday morning weather (or most of us did. The Savilles aren't known for optimism ;) ). Early to bed we went!

On Saturday morning, the weather was dreary still, but not rainy, Praise The Lord! We got to the race with not much time to spare. Morgan, Whitney, and I went quickly to pick up our bibs and stretch. 

We made our way to the start. Morgan's hat is a dot in front of this picture. 

We took a start line selfie

As we ran, Whitney and I were great accountability for another! We kept pace and negative split for all 6 miles. Our last mile was rather rough. I told Whitney one point "we've got 1/2 mile left!" To which she responded, "that is not encouraging!" Lol. :)

Morgan beat us to the finish quite a bit! But we all had fun. :)

Love race days!

So glad I could spend my first 10k with these sisters. 

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