Friday, April 11, 2014

Fitness Friday. Edition: Running Playlist

Nothing gets me going like a good running playlist! I thought I would share 20 workout songs (and my eclectic taste in music) with you. I am going to put my playlist on shuffle and give you the first 20 that play! Let me know if I'm missing somethig amazing!

1-Love You Like A Love Song, Selena Gomez

2-Just Dance, Lady Gaga

3-Mr. Know It All, Kelly Clarkson

4-Hit Me Baby One More Time, Brittany Spears

5-Boot Scootin' Boogie, Brooks & Dunn

6-Waterfalls, TLC

7-Rolling In The Deep, Adele

8-Take It On The Run, REO Speedwagon

9-Young, Wild, and Free; Wiz Khalifa

10-Should've Said No, Taylor Swift

11-On Top Of The World, Imagine Dragons

12-Unwell, Matchbox 20

13-Dream On, Aerosmith

14-Don't Stop Believin', Journey

15-It Ends Tonight, AAR

16-Summer Of 69, Bryan Adams

17-MMMBop, Hanson

18-Jack and Diane, John Mellencamp

19-Party In The USA, Miley Cyrus

20-Africa, Toto

See? Eclectic and wonderful! Moose would say eclectic and awful!!! Thoughts? What awesome workout songs am I missing?

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