Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The best plans...

When you have a cough that makes you sound like an 80 year old with COPD, you don't get to enjoy other people very much. I'm not  complaining...or really exaggerating. Lol. People get annoyed when you cough for 30 seconds on end without stopping. They just do. 

Last week, I was teaching diseases to my classes. One class is particularly responsive, so I asked "what is it called when someone has a runny nose, no fever, and a cough."  Rather than answer "the common cold" which is what I was looking for, I got "what you have, Mrs. Saville." Ha! I couldn't fault the kid-he was right. It's been that way ever since. 

So-that being said, we did a lot of things this weekend, but not as many as planned--and not as many fun things. 

We enjoyed basketball on Friday night with the exception of Mack's closest basketball buddy breaking her ankle and now being out for the remainder of her senior season. So devastating! But a good reminder to play every game, treat every day, and live every moment like it could be your last. Tay didn't plan to finish her senior season Friday night, but that is what happened and I hope she can leave knowing she did her school proud. 

We were supposed to (once again) go and visit our new nephew. But, alas, the common cold. Rather than bemoan the situation, we did basically nothing. We ran a few errands, but really just had a lazy day. That night, we did celebrate both my mom and dad's birthdays (Jan 16 and 12) and spend a little time with the fam. They're all grown ups and I don't really care about giving them my germs. (Just speaking truth)

Monday was the great furniture switch up. We had the opportunity to purchase a bedroom set at an extreme value, which prompted my crazy to ensue. I moved my furniture to the guest room, the guest room stuff to the office, and the office stuff out. Hopefully this will be helpful if and when any little Savilles decide to join the mix. But-our house is still a little topsy turvey. 

So-all in all, this long weekend was a sweet time of rest, recoup, and just relaxing (with a project tossed in there...and a really sad blow reminding us that life is fleeting). 

It has helped me remember that even the best plans aren't certain. Even our best efforts to think about the future and next few weeks or years can be futile. It isn't up to us. We are to live day by day, trusting God to guide and direct. 

The best laid plans of mice and men....

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