Sunday, January 24, 2016

Southern Snow

A snow day to me is pure bliss. 

I know. That sounds ridiculous and cliche to some of you. Others of you are thinking "tell us something we don't know," but hang on! 

A snow day is one of those things that does my soul well. Each year, I wish and hope for just one good day to cozy up and enjoy time with my family.

I blogged about my sentiments here: 

I'm telling you. A southern snow is very special. People from all over join together to sled on just about anything they can find--in college, we used trays we "borrowed" from the cafeteria! We don whatever warm clothes we can find and spend the day traipsing around, sledding, building miniature snowmen, and then warm up by the fire, play games, and drink hot cocoa. What's not to love?

This year, we geared up for a big southern snow last weekend! We went to the grocery story and got food (WHY do we do this? Why especially do I do this, when I know I'm going to go to my parents' house?). We got some firewood. We made sure our sleds were accessible. Moose and I also packed up some board games, our laptops, and some warm clothes. I am all about spending quality time with our people!

I was so excited when it started snowing at school. My kids rushed to the windows and I didn't fuss because I honestly wanted to join them! 

We adjusted our schedule a little bit on Thursday afternoon so that we could accommodate for missing Friday, if it came to it. I was pretty excited that it did! 

Our district called school off on Thursday night, so I didn't even have to set an alarm. I was a little disappointed when I woke up to a torrential downpour of rain and no wintry goodness coming form the sky! Moose went to work and I started cleaning the house. We lost power at about 10 and it started sleeting at about that same time. Moose's plant closed at noon and we all headed to my parents' house! 

Dad had to leave to go to Atlanta so that he could make his international flight to the Dominican Republic, but the rest of us piled up and played games and just relaxed. Moose and I stayed overnight with my mom and sisters and were thrilled to wake up to a blanket of snow!

My heart was full....and my poor sister finally got her wish. She had been sitting on the porch for hours saying "I know the snow is coming!" ha!

We spent several hours sledding and we met up with friends for games and adventures...and of course food! It was the perfect snow day.

We went back home that night, cleaned house, and got ready for the week.

The joy of a southern snow came and went with the weekend, but we made memories to last a lifetime. 

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